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The Ultimate Guide to Hauling Your ATV

December 04, 2020
By Chad Wall

There are many different ways to haul an ATV or UTV, but hauling an ATV in your truck bed has been a very common practice for all-terrain vehicle enthusiasts. Whether hauling a sport ATV for recreational fun or a utility ATV for hunting or farm labor – loading an ATV into the truck bed tends to be the easiest way. When comparing your options for hauling, there are a lot of factors to consider. Here are some basic things to consider before purchasing a trailer or ramps. 

  1. Cost – How much do you want to spend to haul your ATV? 
  2. Space and Storage – How much space and options will you have for hauling ATVs or UTVs and where will you store the equipment. 
  3. Licensing – Will you need to maintain an additional license or pay personal property tax on the towing system? 
  4. Ease of Use – How easy and safe is it to use?

ATV Trailer Hauling Guide

Perhaps you have multiple off-road vehicles or plan to travel frequently for adventures with friends and family who also have outdoor recreational vehicles. Trailers are often the most versatile and can allow you to haul 3-6 vehicles between dirtbikes, ATVs, UTVs, and even golf carts. Trailers come in many different sizes and can haul different weights, so if you are planning to purchase a trailer here are things to know first. 

Licensing and Taxing 

Depending on where you live, you may have different regulations and restrictions on trailers as they are technically a separate attached object to the vehicle often with its own braking system and wheels. This means they often can require personal property tax, licensing, and inspections much like other motor vehicles. Be sure to check on your local restrictions and regulations so you can have those upfront and sometimes annual or bi-annual expenses factored in. 


A Trailer can take up more space, so be sure to plan where you expect to keep it when not using your vehicles. If you ride frequently, sometimes it can make sense to keep your off-road vehicles strapped up on a trailer stored in the garage. Not everyone has the space for that though. Many situations call for additional storage rental space and then you have to factor in the additional time to load and unload your vehicles each time you go riding. 

Additional Equipment 

When using a trailer, you will need a variety of other additional equipment. First, you will need a trailer hitch for your vehicle and ensure your vehicle has the towing capacity for the expected tongue weight and hitch and any necessary electrical connections in place for braking systems. Lastly, you will need straps to secure everything carried on the trailer. Trailers also have a specified recommended towing capacity, so it is important to make sure you select a trailer that has the proper weight capacity for your needs. 

ATV Ramp Loading Guide

ATV Loading Ramps are an attractive option due to affordability, but here are some things to think about as well. 

Ease of Use 

Ramps take a bit of time to set up properly and not everyone is comfortable steering the ATV or ORV up the two individual ramps. There are countless FAIL videos online of mishaps when loading an ATV or UTV. 


When using traditional ramps, you are limited to the space of your vehicle’s truck bed and also must store the ramps. This can determine what other equipment or gear you can store in the truckbed along with your vehicle. 

Loading Other Vehicles

Ramps can be very specific and you may want to make sure the ramp you choose is suitable for all vehicles you plan on loading. Some have an arched construction while others are flat and they have different weight capacities. Make sure to check on all these aspects before making a purchase. 

MAD Ramp ATV Loading Guide

Ease of Use 

The Mad Ramps system attaches to the trailer hitch of your vehicle but does not require any additional setup or tear down when loading or unloading your vehicle. Simply attach the ramp to the truck and you can drive onto the ramp while the pivoting system locks the vehicle in place. 


The Mad Ramp system folds up easily and can be stored on the wall of your garage, making it easy to start and end your day out riding. 


Mad Ramps are a bit more expensive than traditional ATV ramps but cheaper than most trailer towing systems while still having some advantages over both alternative systems. 


Mad Ramps can be used for a variety of vehicles. The extended pivoting system may enable you to haul a vehicle that would otherwise not fit in your truck bed. Our systems are used for ATVs, ORVs, UTVs, Golf Carts, and even snowmobiles with our conversion kit. 


Be sure to think about all of these different aspects before deciding on how to haul your ATV. Once you make a decision, get out there and ride!


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