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Ramp for UTV vs. Hauling a Trailer

June 10, 2022
By Chad Wall

Have you noticed that the popularity of UTVs has increased in recent years? UTVs aren’t a new concept, but they seemed to be seen more often in the back of trucks, on trailers, and hitting trails across the country. With the boom of the UTV industry, some buy UTVs without taking careful consideration about storage and whether they need a trailer or a ramp for UTV transport. Having a secure way to load and transport your UTV may make ownership simpler while also opening up a world of new riding options.

UTV Trailers

If you do not already own a trailer at the time of purchasing a new UTV (side by side or SXS), selecting the correct trailer to go with your new UTV might be nearly as crucial to the whole experience as choosing the proper UTV. Because purchasing a new UTV and trailer is an expensive investment, it is essential that you make careful preparations in advance and check to see whether or not your existing UTV(s) will be able to be transported safely on the trailer you choose and if this is the best option for you. There are several additional costs and factors to consider.

Additional Equipment Required For Hauling A UTV Trailer

You will need a wide array of various accessories and equipment in addition to a trailer in order to use it. For starters, you will need a trailer hitch for your towing vehicle. Additionally, you will need to check that your vehicle has sufficient towing capability for the anticipated tongue weight and hitch weight and any required electrical connections for the brake systems. You will need straps in order to transport everything on the trailer safely. 

Because trailers also have a specific recommended towing capacity, it is necessary that you purchase a trailer that has the appropriate weight capacity for your requirements in order to avoid any potential problems or loss of trail time.

Titles and Registration

Depending on where you live, you will most likely be required to get a license for your trailer. The standards could be different from state to state, but the procedure should be straightforward and sometimes time-consuming. When you buy a new trailer, the Manufacturer Certificate of Origin document should come with the trailer. You may get a title by going to your local Department of Motor Vehicles with that and a bill of sale. When you purchase a used trailer, you need to make sure you obtain a title along with it. You will have a very difficult time getting a trailer registered if it does not have a title.

Storing A Trailer

Because a trailer takes up quite a bit of room, you should choose in advance where you want to store it while you are not using your UTV. If you ride your off-road vehicles regularly, it may make sense to keep them secured on a trailer and have them parked in the garage. However, not everyone has the additional space needed for this. Several circumstances call for the renting of extra storage space, and after that, you need to figure out the additional time it takes to load and unload each time you go riding.

Ramps For UTV

Transporting your UTV is an important component of utilizing the vehicle whether you are going to a worksite, the head of a trail, or your favorite hunting spot. Making the process as safe and easy as possible will help you get to your destination faster.

Storing Ramps For UTV

Unlike traditional UTV trailers, Ramps for UTV do not require any additional storage space. If you have a space for your UTV, you will have everything you need to store your MAD-RAMPS

No Additional Equipment Required

The MAD-RAMPS system is designed to be attached to the trailer hitch of your vehicle; however, loading or unloading your vehicle does not require any extra assembly or disassembly on your part. After quickly attaching the ramp to the truck, you will be able to drive onto the ramp while the pivoting system maintains the vehicle’s position. 


Investing in MAD-RAMPS can save you money down the road from having to do expensive trailer maintenance along with the costs of the additional equipment that is required. Not having to spend money on tires, tow straps, lights, connections, and registration can save you thousands of dollars. 

Load Safely With MAD-RAMPS

Conventional UTV ramps slide or move while loading or unloading from the bed of your truck, causing a potential safety hazard. MAD-RAMPS firmly lock onto your truck’s receiver hitch, preventing ramp movement and assuring a perfectly safe loading and unloading experience. To learn more about the advantages of MAD-RAMPS, visit our website!

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