The safest, easiest, and most convenient way to transport your snowmobile. Eliminate the dangers of traditional ramps and sled decks and the hassles of hauling a trailer.

This item only fits the MR1400. Please ensure that your snowmobile’s ski width is less than the width between the wheel wells of your truck.


MAD-RAMPS MR0103 Snowmobile Kit

Load your Snowmobile onto your truck with ease. The patented MAD-RAMPS Snowmobile Kit MR0103 is an add-on to the MAD-RAMPS Pivoting Ramp System that adds a third central ramp and an adjustable pedestal for the snowmobile track, as well as custom plastic inserts for the outer ski ramps. The MAD-RAMPS Snowmobile Kit is the new standard for sled transportation.

– Center ramp and adjustable pedestal allows the track to pull the sled into the truck bed while keeping some of the snowmobile weight off the tailgate to help protect it from damage

– Custom plastic inserts for outer ramps to prevent damage from the skis

– Protects the snowmobile from branches and debris by keeping the snowmobile in the truck bed behind the cab vs. a sled deck

– Polycarbonate spacers to set ramp width to the snowmobile stance

– Converts back in minutes to haul an ATV/UTV

– Includes Bed Guards to protect your truck bed from the snowmobile’s skis

– Snowmobile kits accept all snowmobile ski stance widths. The range of ski stances should be 34” to 42” wide.  Please ensure that your snowmobile’s ski width is less than the width between the wheel wells of your truck.

**Fits only the MR1400 Truck Loading Ramp.

Download Snowmobile Kit Instructions MR0103

Additional information

Weight 69 lbs
Dimensions 73.25 × 16.25 × 9 in

Why MAD-RAMPS is the Superior Alternative

No Trailer Needed

Trailers are difficult to store and they may limit where you can travel, and require maintenance and licensing.

More Reliable

With MAD-RAMPS there is no more guessing if the ramps are the right width apart or if they will slide out.

Maintenance Free

MAD-RAMPS provides an affordable, maintenance-free way to transport your ATV or UTV in the bed of your truck.

No Limits

Without a trailer to hold you back, you can drive out to the remote destinations that are off the beaten path.

Leave the Trailer and Go

Feature ATV/UTV Trailers
Licensing, registration, & insurance Yes No
Ongoing maintenance Yes No
Parking & storage Yes No
Terrain limitations Yes No

Customer Reviews

Today, the MAD-RAMPS Pivoting Ramp System is revolutionizing the way ATV, UTV, and Snowmobile riders load, unload, and transport their machines.

“Love my new Mad Ramps! Well built system. Can easily use on my 2017 Chevrolet Colorado 4×4 with the hard cover still on. Loading and unloading my Yamaha 550 is a cinch and still allowing cargo space towards cab. Goodbye yearly trailer tags and fixing lights! Highly recommend this”

Dan D. from Ohio

Does Your Truck Pass the Test?

Enter the measurements of your truck bed & ATV/UTV using the Mad-Ramps calculator to see if the Mad-Ramps loading system is the right fit for you! First, you will want to enter the length and width of your truck bed. Next, you need to enter the length, width, and weight of your ATV/UTV. Lastly, the calculator will tell you whether or not your truck and ATV/UTV are compatible with MAD-RAMPS loading system!

  • The MAD-RAMPS Pivoting Ramp System is both a simple solution and a superior alternative to loading ramps.
  • MAD-RAMPS allows you to safely load, unload, and transport your ATV, UTV, Snowmobile, or Golf Cart.

Size Calculator

*The Calculator will automatically add 21" to the length of your truck bed.

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Your truck bed is compatible with Mad-Ramps.


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Snowmobile Kit – MR0103