When you’re ready to grab your golf clubs and hit the links, you don’t want to waste time trying to load up your golf cart into your pickup truck with inadequate golf cart loading ramps. Loading your golf car quickly and safely means getting to the greens quicker and having more time to golf. For the best way to transport a golf cart, choose MAD-RAMPS.

Get Your Golf Cart Loaded Faster

If you’ve ever loaded your golf cart using wobbly old ramps, there’s a good chance you’ve struggled and fought to get it into your truck bed. When you use traditional loading ramps, there is a risk that the ramps could slide out from under you, causing damage to your golf cart, your truck, yourself, or a bystander. MAD-RAMPS makes golf cart transportation safe and easy.

Licensing, registration, & insurance Yes No
Ongoing maintenance Yes No
Parking & storage Yes No
Terrain limitations Yes No

Ditch Your Trailer

Hooking up a trailer to haul your golf cart is a thing of the past. Using a trailer requires too much additional work. You must keep the trailer licensed, check the tires, ensure the brake lights are working, and find a place to store it when not in use. Trying to park once you are at the course can also be quite the challenge when you have a trailer in tow. MAD-RAMPS Golf Cart Loading Ramps allow you to take your cart to the course with minimum hassle so you can spend more time focused on your golf game. They are also maintenance-free and can be stowed on the wall of your garage when not in use.

The Alternative to Traditional Ramps

Traditional ramps can be a bit dangerous when attempting to load your golf cart into the bed of your truck. They can slip and slide and create a disaster. Once you manage to get your golf cart loaded, you have to haul the ramps with you to the course to unload once you get there. Ramps take up too much room in the bed of your truck, leaving you little to no room to haul your golf clubs, a cooler, and other equipment. Since MAD-RAMPS Golf Cart Loading Ramp stays attached to your vehicle during transport, it gives you more room in the truck bed for all of the things you need to bring with you.

Get to the Golf Course Quicker

Loading your golf cart onto a trailer or into your truck bed requires a two-person team to do it safely. So, what if you are headed to the links by yourself and there is no one around to help you? If you’ve ever attempted to load your golf cart by yourself, you know how risky it can be. It is not worth taking the chance of damaging your golf cart, truck, or yourself. MAD-RAMPS Golf Cart Loading Ramps allow you to load the cart without need a second person. Once you have MAD-RAMPS attached, you can simply drive up onto the ramps and into the truck bed. It is the quickest, easiest, and safest way to load your golf cart.

Get MAD-RAMPS Golf Cart Loading Ramps Today

Don’t let loading and unloading your golf cart take away from your relaxing day on the golf course! Make the switch to MAD-RAMPS Golf Cart Loading Ramp today!

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