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MADRAMPS Guide to Hauling UTVs Safely

April 10, 2023
By Chad Wall

When you have your UTV loaded up into the bed of your truck, and you’re headed down the road, make sure you are following some basic guidelines, so you reach your destination without any issues. Here are our tips for hauling UTVs safely. 

Use The Right Equipment for Hauling UTVs

First of all, you want to be using the right equipment for hauling UTVs, ATVs, or even a golf cart or snowmobile. MAD-RAMPS offers the safest way to haul all of these four-wheeled machines, and it is DOT approved in all 50 states. MAD-RAMPS allows you to quickly and safely load your UTV into your truck bed and haul it to your destination without dealing with clunky trailers or unsteady traditional loading ramps

Stay Alert To Potential Problems Ahead

Anticipating potential issues is a basic principle of safe driving in general, but it becomes particularly important when you are hauling a UTV. You want to be aware of the activity of cars in front of you and beside you. Take notice when other drivers are changing lanes, speeding up or slowing down, driving unsafely, or even if there are obstacles on the road ahead. Give yourself as much time to react as possible.

Increase Your Stopping Distance

When hauling UTVs, you will need to consider the fact that you are carrying additional weight in your truck bed, and it will take additional time for your vehicle to stop. Using MAD-RAMPS means you won’t have as much extra weight as you would using a traditional trailer, but the weight of the UTV will still increase stopping time. Along with staying alert to issues ahead, you will want to be ready to apply your brakes as soon as needed so you can stop with enough time to avoid an accident. 

Always Signal When Changing Lanes

You don’t want any other drivers on the road to be surprised by your movements, so be sure to use your turn signals when changing lanes, making a turn, or planning to exit the highway. You will also want to leave plenty of room between yourself and other drivers when changing lanes and avoid potentially cutting anyone off. Conveniently, when using MAD-RAMPS, you don’t have to worry about trailer turn signals being connected properly or not working. Your truck’s turn signals will be fully visible and work the same way they do when you’re not hauling anything.

Pass Other Vehicles With Care

photos of two lane highway surrounded by trees

When you’re hauling your UTV to your riding destination, there is a good chance you will encounter a 2 lane road on the way. Passing on a 2 lane road requires ensuring that there are no vehicles approaching you from the opposite lane and that you have plenty of time to make it around the vehicle in front of you. If the road is marked with yellow lines, be sure to follow them as indicated and avoid passing if the lines on your side of the road are solid. And remember, with the weight of a UTV in your truck bed, your vehicle may not accelerate as quickly as usual, so you allow extra time to pass another vehicle. 

Prevent Theft When Parked

If you are making a pit stop along the way to your destination, there is a good chance people will be checking out your UTV and be curious about your MAD-RAMPS setup. With the extra attention on your vehicle, be sure that you’ve securely locked up your UTV using the MAD-RAMPS lock set. This lock is made of high-quality, forged, chrome-plated, machine-hardened steel with a 3,000lb breaking strength to prevent theft. 

Load and Unload With MAD-RAMPS

Once you get to your destination, you can unload safely with MAD-RAMPS. You won’t need to worry about whether or not the ramps are the right distance apart or secured to your truck, so you can confidently back out of the truck bed and onto the ground. When you’re finished riding, you can just as quickly and easily load your UTV back into the truck bed and head out. 

Experience the MAD-RAMPS Difference

The MAD-RAMPS Pivoting Ramp System has revolutionized the way riders load, unload, and transport their machines. It is more reliable, maintenance-free, and won’t hold you back when you want to reach even some of the more remote locations off the beaten path. Visit the website to learn more or to purchase the MAD-RAMPS Pivoting Ramp System today.

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