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The MAD-RAMPS Pivoting Ramp System allows you to safely load, unload, and transport your ATV or UTV.  The MAD-RAMPS Pivoting Ramp System is both a simple solution and a superior alternative to towing a trailer and using conventional loading ramps.



Engineered for strength and durability, the MAD-RAMPS Pivoting Ramp System is made in the U.S.A. and completely maintenance free. Our patent-pending design seamlessly connects to your truck’s receiver hitch in seconds, and it enables you to quickly load your machine and be on your way to your destination in a matter of minutes. Providing more than 16 square feet of ramp loading surface when fully extended, the MAD-RAMPS Pivoting Ramp System makes loading, unloading, and transporting your ATV or UTV completely hassle free.

– Loads, unloads, and transports ATVs/UTVs up to 1400 pounds

– DOT approved in all 50 states

– LED tail lights, brake lights, turn signals, and a rear marker light for greater visibility and safety

– Adjustable ground-clearance settings for highway and off-road travel

– Includes manufacturer’s one-year limited warranty

– When not in use, the MAD-RAMPS Pivoting Ramp System stores conveniently on the wall-hanging MAD-MOUNT (sold separately).

28 reviews for MAD-RAMPS

  1. Carter M.- Texas

    Love my new MAD-RAMPS. I’ve had them just over two weeks. They work great for both my RZR Trail and my Sportsman 550.

  2. Nathan S.- North Dakota

    On our ranch, equipment gets used pretty hard, so we are very happy with how our 2 sets of Mad ramps have held up. They are definitely built to last.

  3. Trevor- Calgary, AB

    The Mad Ramps are working really good for me. I was surprised how well they work. Loading and unloading my 4 wheeler is super easy now.

  4. Alex W.- Michigan

    I love my ramp , used mostly to transport my quad , I can haul firewood , deer feed in front , my cabin is 4 hr drive , saves lots on gas not having to pull a trailer , takes little room to store when not in use

  5. Kevin W B.- Arizona

    I didn’t want to have to pull a trailer so I bought the mad-ramp product. This has been this best decision and product that I have made in a long time. Easy to install and remove. I would recommend this product to everyone who wants to use thier truck bed to haul their ATV or side by side. Quality product.

  6. John P.- Michigan (verified owner)

    Was a little nervous ordering a mad ramp but to my delight this product is killer! I have a 2016 Chevy Colorado and was worried that my Can-am Max Xt outlander would be too much weight over the tailgate…doesn’t even come close to bottoming out my stock leaf springs no worries…product works exactly like in the videos…extremely pleased!!!

  7. Loren H.- South Dakota (verified owner)

    Matt, thanks for your help… I need to get a new truck now so the CANAM will fit in the in the box or take the TANO cover out of the old pickup…

  8. Luke G.- Iowa (verified owner)

    I purchased the Mad ramp system so I could haul my Polaris RZR 570 in the back of my Ford F-150. I was in Texas when I ordered these and they were delivered in a few days. I put them together in about 20 minutes and loaded the RZR. They work better than I had hoped they would. I would highly recommend these ramps.

  9. Luke G.- Iowa (verified owner)

    I love these ramps. Would recommend these to anyone.

  10. Peter A.- Minnesota

    Impressed with the product. Built heavy like you’d expect from Iowa Farmer types. Easy to install. Impressed with the light package – did not expect it. I was concerned about scrutiny by Law enforcement/DOT, but am certain these will pass the test on and off the road. The customer experience insured satisfaction. Well done.

  11. Richard M.- New Mexico

    Exactly what I was looking for. I have a Honda Pioneer 500 and wanted to transport it from the campground to surrounding hunting areas several miles away in back of my 2014 Dodge Ram 2500. No need to take both Toy Hauler and a Trailer on camping trips or hunts! Great product. Solid construction. Works as advertised. I definitely recommend these ramps.

  12. PASCAL R.- Quebec

    I was looking for a solution to fit my full size quad into my brand new Ridgeline 2017. Since it has a smaller bed I had not much choice than to go to Mad Ramps for their products. I as quite amazed at the weight off their ramps. THIS IS SOLID. When my friends see me rollin in the truck bed that easily they are amazed at the whole system. I strongly recommend without hesitation

  13. Lloyd G.- Colorado

    Love my Mad-Ramps! I like how the hang on the wall in the garage, Not taking up any floor space. And I can install on my Ram in less than 5 min.

  14. Hugo V.- California

    Love the MAD-RAMPS. Very ease to use Fast shipping and very well made!

  15. Jason B.- Alabama

    Awesome product. I put them to the test on a 4 hour highway trip to the riding trails and I had no issues what so ever. They work great with my polais ace 570.

  16. Benjamin D.- Alberta (verified owner)

    Awesome. Design no need for a trailer love the whole set up and customer relation as well

  17. Randy R.- Texas

    Pretty darn good set of ramps. I’m able to load my Kawasaki Teryx in the back of my Dodge Dually with ease. The only issue I have is they are a bit pricey, but I should have bought a set while they were on sale!

  18. Bob D.- Nebraska

    These ramps are great. I have a crew cab Silverado with a small lift. The 4 wheeler loads so much nicer now. And I have room to carry some gear in the bed too. These ramps are so much more convenient than hauling around a trailer everywhere I want to go. I have not had any problems with ground clearance either, whether the 4 wheeler is loaded or the ramps are stowed.

  19. Mike B.- Nebraska (verified owner)

    love the ramps but there is one thing i would try to do is make an attachment that would go in the top so u could load it all the way in a pickup if u had the room. when i got them on my pickup and are not using them i put a bungee cord around them so they don’t move. if u did this i think u would have the market completely. i think i could sell them to all the serv tech guys around here. love the ramps great product.

  20. Garey B.- Iowa

    I was really impressed with how easy these Ramps were to set up and use. I have a polaris razor and it’s so easy to haul it now. This is the perfect setup. And is built solid. You won’t be disappointed. Thanks Mad Ramps!

  21. Andrew- Ontario

    Overall very impressed. Great customer service and a well built product. I will definitely recommend to friends and family. Very impressed with the customer service and fast delivery. Upon delivery I discovered just how easy it was to install and use. I believe it is well built and will definitely last. 10 out of 10!!

  22. Chris S.- Texas

    If not for convience they save gas. We drive lots of miles to get to pivots and not draging a trailer saves gas. Lots of gas. Also I have several pickups that people forget or get excited or too busy or something and back up on a trailer an bend up a fender and if I remember correctly it cost about $1500 to fix a bent up bumper and fender. I have several pickups that still have a bent fender and one has a madd ramp on it so it won’t happen again.

  23. Cody C.- Kansas (verified owner)

    I haul my Kawasaki Mule everywhere for rural land sales and there is simply no safer or easier way to put a small UTV in the back of a half ton truck. In the mud or in the dark its the same safe and simple procedure. If you are looking for an alternative to trailering, look no further.

  24. Dan D.- Ohio (verified owner)

    Love my new Mad Ramps! Well built system. Can easily use on my 2017 Chevrolet Colorado 4×4 with the hard cover still on. Loading and unloading my Yamaha 550 is a cinch and still allowing cargo space towards cab. Goodbye yearly trailer tags and fixing lights! Highly recommend this. Hope to see you guys at Deerassic Classic in Ohio in the Fall.

  25. AJ M. – Iowa

    Outstanding set up. I would highly recommend them. Perfect for hunting no need to haul a trailer now. Super easy to use and very well built. I have a 16 2500 Silverado with a fifth wheel hitch in the back and my Kawasaki Brute Force fits in the back without having to take out my hitch. Its Awesome and I still have all the room in front of the hitch for all my gear and a cooler. I would also recommend getting the MAD-Mounts to go with them. Hangs them perfectly on the wall without taking up a bunch of garage space. Thanks again MAD-RAMPS!

  26. Michael M. – North Carolina

    These ramps are amazing, the customer supprot is even better. Ive been using the ramps for almost a month on my Toyota Tundra, hauling my polaris sportsman 850. the extra cargo room and above all the safety of the ramp loading and unloading are invaluable. thank you for such a great product, but more importantly the support from the team not only with my order initially, but after when i had questions and other requirements for the ramps to remain stationary to load directly into the bed with the adaptors.

  27. B. Lee- West Virginia

    The Mad Ramp System is absolutely amazing… words cannot express the gratitude we have for Matt and for him to take time to actually speak with us personally via telephone to answer all our questions. We have owned almost ever set of ramps out there, and every system on the market, the last system we purchased for my father we thought was safe, he is a well tender and he loads and unloads his four wheeler many times daily, he has rolled his four wheeler six times now, this last time was it, my brother and I decided it was time to contact Mad Ramps, and I am so glad we did…. Best purchase we’ve made in years. Now my father is famous in our small town because people stop him everywhere asking about them and they want him to demonstrate the way they work, he is loving the attention. I cannot Thank Matt enough for taking the time to be personable with us and listening to what our needs were. Best customer service ever…. ❤️ 🤗
    Daughter… Billie Jo Lee. Of
    Father…. Billy Steven Brooks

  28. Zack

    These mad ramps are amazing! The customer support is awesome and would recommend it to anyone! 02 F-250 with a 11 Polaris RZR 800 S

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