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Easy Steps For Safely Loading ATVs: Tying Down ATVs and More

May 16, 2022
By Chad Wall

Easy Steps For Safely Loading ATVs

Tying down ATVs correctly for transporting is essential, simple, and something that every ATV enthusiast should know. If you’re fortunate enough to be able to ride your ATV out of the garage and onto a trail, consider us envious. The remainder of us must transport our ATVs in the back of pickup trucks to the closest trail system or track. 

After you have followed these simple steps to safely and efficiently load your ATVs, you may begin securely tying down ATVs.

Invest in High-Quality Ramps

Purchase a set of suitable, high-quality loading ramps with additional safety elements. Your ramps should be rated for the vehicle’s combined weight with the driver. Never exceed the maximum load capacity of your truck ramps.

Put On Your Helmet

While the moderate pace and little distance traveled while loading an ATV may seem harmless, you want to protect your head if anything goes wrong.  

Determine the Appropriate Positioning

Align the ATV’s wheels with the ramps, ensuring that they are perfectly straight.

Locate the Center Line

Arrange the ramps, so they are parallel to the center of the ATV’s tires as possible.

Select the Appropriate Gear

Put your ATV in the lowest gear available. You want a modest top speed but a lot of power.

Be Firm and Smooth

Firmly yet smoothly apply the throttle. Never let up on the throttle when driving up the ramps since you risk reversing. You want just enough gas to maintain motion and nothing more.

Practice Using a Slow Creep

Creep the ATV slowly until all four wheels are securely loaded into the truck bed. Once here, very gradually increase the gas pressure until the front of the ATV reaches the front of the bed, leaving a few inches between the ATV and the front of the bed/cab window. After that, turn off the engine and place the vehicle in park or apply the parking brake. Never leave the key in the ATV when transporting.

Importance Of Tying Down ATVs

There are several reasons to secure your ATV. The primary purpose is to ensure that the vehicle does not move during travel. Even the tiniest movement of your ATV might result in trailer sway. Additionally, it might result in excessive wear on your ATV’s tires and braking system.

The second reason to secure your ATV is to deter theft. Always ensure that someone is monitoring your ATV while you are not around. You want to verify that your ATV is safe when you leave it; otherwise, it is quite easy for someone to put it in neutral or remove the ignition key and drive away.

Secure any loose items on your ATV, such as a rear rack or cargo box, to ensure nothing slips off during the ride. Keep an eye out for anything that may be riding loose or that may get jostled free on the road. You will not want to lose your cargo box or any other belongings throughout the journey.

Tethering an ATV may also help minimize wind resistance while transporting it on a lengthy journey. The last thing you want is for your ATV to take up excessive room in the bed of a truck, so lock it firmly. Of course, other variables affect how much room an ATV takes up in the truck, but you should generally have enough empty bed space for anything else you’re carrying.

Tying Down ATVs

Both nylon and fabric tow straps are available in a variety of sizes. These are ideal for anchoring the weight without breaking in the event of a pothole or bumpy roads. 

If you’re hauling a smaller ATV, you may tie it to the front and rear of your vehicle using a tow strap with hooks on both ends. Test to determine the best of tie down points available in your truck bed. If you’re transporting a bigger ATV that’s tougher to secure, you may substitute ratchet straps.

However, it is critical to properly secure your equipment before traveling at high speeds. Even with the strongest strap available, driving at high speeds is not safe. Additionally, the straps must be tightly fastened so as not to come undone while driving.

The following describes how to install a ratchet strap:

  • Incorporate the ratchet strap’s handle with hooks into one of the slots at the end of your tow bar.
  • Wrap it around your ATV and secure it to the front or rear bumper with a hook.
  • Drawdown on the handle and rotate it to pull out more of the strap.
  • Repeat these instructions on the other end of your ATV to ensure that it is secure on both ends.

Tying Down Golf Carts

For a truck bed or tailgate, your cart must be sturdy and secure with heavy-duty hauling straps. To lower a golf cart’s tailgate weight, backing the cart into the truck bed should offset the majority of the cart’s weight on the rear wheels.

Tying Down Snowmobiles

Utilize a tie-down bar to secure the front skis, then secure the bar using ratchet straps. Suspension hooks should be snug enough that they do not pop out during transit. Additionally, the snowmobile should be secured to the truck bed using crisscrossing ratchet straps.

You may drive away only once you have verified all of your connections and assured the snowmobile is secured.

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