How do I contact a MAD-RAMPS representative?

There are four ways to contact a MAD-RAMPS representative. (1) You can call us on our toll-free number from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm Central Time (Monday – Friday).  Our toll-free number is 1-844-MAD-RAMP (1-844-623-7267).  (2) You can email us at [email protected]  (3) You can send us a message through the contact page on our website. 

How do I purchase outside the United States?

Please call 1-844-MAD-RAMP (1-844-623-7267) to place your order with one of our Customer Care representatives or visit the dealer locator to discover a dealer near you.

Will MAD-RAMPS work for my ATV/UTV/Snowmobile and my truck?

In most cases, the answer is Yes. However, we strongly recommend that you take the dimensional measurements of your machine and your truck bed to determine whether your truck bed is large enough to accommodate your ATV or UTV. Most ATVs and small- to mid-size UTVs will fit into the bed of a full-size truck. Our standard-length ramps can accommodate machines with a maximum wheelbase length of 84 inches. With the addition of the MAD-RAMPS Extensions, the MAD-RAMPS system can accommodate machines with a maximum wheelbase length of 114 inches.  MAD-RAMPS will work with any make or model of Snowmobile.

What if I want to load my ATV/UTV all the way into the bed of my truck?

For customers who want to load their machines all the way into the beds of their trucks, or want to carry 2 machines at the same time, we offer an accessory kit called the MAD-RAMPS Pivot Stops.  The Pivot Stops prevent the ramps from rotating all the way forward during loading and unloading, enabling your machine to travel over a smooth path between the ramps and the bed of your truck.  You can see a full-product description and several images of the MAD-RAMPS Pivot Stops on the shop page of our website.

Will MAD-RAMPS work for trucks that have flat beds or utility beds?

Yes. The MAD-RAMPS Pivoting Ramp System, along with the MAD-RAMPS Flat-Bed Kit, will work for most trucks with flat beds and utility beds.  The Flat-Bed Kit contains what we call the “virtual tailgate.”  The virtual tailgate is made from aluminum alloy (just like our ramps), and it serves as a place holder for where the tailgate would ordinarily be on a truck with a regular box.  With the aid of the virtual tailgate, you can load, unload, and transport your machine with a flat-bed or a utility-bed truck in the same way that you would with a regular-box truck. You can see a full-product description and several images of the MAD-RAMPS Flat-Bed Kit on the shop page of our website.

Are MAD-RAMPS safe?

Yes. The MAD-RAMPS Pivoting Ramp System is the safest ramp system on the market today because it locks into your truck’s receiver hitch, preventing the ramps from moving or slipping during the loading and unloading processes. When fully extended, MAD-RAMPS provide over 16-square feet of loading surface, allowing you to load and unload your machine with confidence. For maximum highway visibility, MAD-RAMPS come equipped with LED lights for tail lights, brake lights, turn signals, and a rear-marker light. Furthermore, the MAD-RAMPS Pivoting Ramp System has been rigorously tested by independent third parties, and it meets or exceeds all state and federal DOT regulations, ensuring that it is DOT compliant for over-the-road travel in all 50 states.

Do MAD-RAMPS require a truck with a receiver hitch?

Yes. Additionally, depending on ATV/UTV weight, a minimum of a Class III or a Class IV receiver hitch is required for the MAD-RAMPS Pivoting Ramp System. It is imperative that you check your owner’s manual to determine the tongue-weight rating for your truck’s specific receiver hitch. Once you know your truck’s specific tongue-weight rating, you will need to perform one quick calculation: Add together the total weight of the MAD-RAMPS Pivoting Ramp System (151 pounds) and two-thirds of the weight of your ATV or UTV (⅔ = machine weight x 0.67).

After you have completed this calculation, you must make sure that the combined weight of the MAD-RAMPS Pivoting Ramp System and two-thirds of the weight of your ATV/UTV is less than the maximum tongue-weight rating for your truck’s receiver hitch. If this combined weight is more than the maximum tongue-weight rating for your truck’s receiver hitch, the MAD-RAMPS Pivoting Ramp System should NOT be used on your truck. Furthermore, it is imperative that you closely inspect your truck’s receiver hitch to determine whether it is in good working condition. You need to ensure that the structural integrity of your truck’s receiver hitch has not been degraded from years of use or misuse, or from the use of highway salts and other degrading compounds that your truck may have encountered.

Do MAD-RAMPS provide plenty of ground clearance?

Yes. The MAD-RAMPS Pivoting Ramp System is designed with two different ground-clearance settings: one for highway travel and a second for off-road travel. The off-road travel position provides the greatest degree of ground clearance, but even the highway-travel position (which is the lowest of the two settings) provides a level of ground clearance that is still several inches above your truck’s rear axle and undercarriage.

Will MAD-RAMPS work if I drive a lifted truck?

In most cases, the answer is yes. To determine your specific needs, however, you must measure the distance from the bottom of your truck’s receiver-hitch tube to the ground. If this distance is 24 inches or less, our standard-length MAD-RAMPS will work for you. However, if the bottom of your truck’s receiver-hitch tube is more than 24 inches from the ground, you will need a set of MAD-RAMPS Extensions. The MAD-RAMPS Extensions add an additional 30 inches of ramp length to ensure that you are loading your machine at a safe geometric angle. The MAD-RAMPS Extensions can be purchased on the shopping page.

Why should I buy MAD-RAMPS instead of a traditional ATV/UTV trailer?

Our product offers several advantages over an ATV/UTV trailer:

  • Many states require ATV/UTV trailers to be licensed, registered, and insured; MAD-RAMPS require no such licensing, registration, or insurance.
  • ATV/UTV trailers require ongoing maintenance costs, such as replacing blown-out tires and bad wheel bearings; MAD-RAMPS are completely maintenance free.
  • ATV/UTV trailers require a place to park while not in use; MAD-RAMPS can be easily disconnected from your truck and conveniently stored on our wall-hanging MAD-MOUNT.
  • ATV/UTV trailers can only travel over smooth and even terrain; MAD-RAMPS allow you to travel over any terrain your truck can take you.

Why should I buy MAD-RAMPS instead of conventional ATV/UTV ramps?

By virtue of name and function, MAD-RAMPS are often compared to conventional ATV/UTV ramps, but that’s where the comparisons end.

  • Conventional ATV/UTV ramps are prone to sliding or moving when you are loading or unloading your ATV/UTV from the bed of your truck, creating a dangerous safety hazard; MAD-RAMPS securely lock into your truck’s receiver hitch, eliminating any ramp movement and ensuring a completely safe experience during the loading and unloading processes.
  • Conventional ATV/UTV ramps have to be manually handled prior to loading and unloading your ATV/UTV, and then conventional ramps have to be stowed away in your already-full truck bed before you can travel; MAD-RAMPS do not have to be manually handled, and MAD-RAMPS securely lock into our patent-pending Pivot Cages so you are ready to travel, saving you both precious time and needed space in your truck bed.
  • Conventional ATV/UTV ramps require you to use all of your truck’s bed space to load, unload, and transport your machine; MAD-RAMPS, through our space saving design, allow you to reserve plenty of space at the front of your truck’s bed—even after you load your machine—for all of the cargo and gear that you need to take along.

What is the Return Policy?

  • Mad-Ramps offers a 30 Day Return Policy. 
  • Product must be in new or unused condition with all original product documents.
  • There will be a 10% restocking fee which includes shipping back to Mad-Ramps.

How is my order shipped?

Retail orders to all U.S. customers are shipped via FedEx Ground. Retail orders to customers in Canada are shipped via FedEx Ground Standard. Your MAD-RAMPS order will arrive in two separate boxes: One box will contain the frame components, and the second box will contain the aluminum ramps and the Pivot Cages. If your order is in stock and placed by 1:00 p.m. Central Time, it will be shipped the same business day.  If your order is placed after 1:00 p.m. Central Time, your order will be shipped the following business day.

How can I purchase MAD-RAMPS?

You have two purchase options: (1)  You can purchase online from our website with a major credit card.  (2) You can purchase over the telephone with a major credit card through our company’s toll-free number +1 (844) MAD-RAMP

Do MAD-RAMPS come with a warranty?

The MAD-RAMPS Pivoting Ramp System and the MAD-MOUNT each come with a one-year limited manufacturer’s warranty. Our limited warranty gives you specific legal rights. We warrant that, during the one-year warranty period, our product will be free from defects in materials and workmanship. Our responsibility for defective goods is limited to repair or replacement as described in the warranty section of the MAD-RAMPS Owner’s Manual.

Our limited warranty extends only to the consumer who originally purchases our product. Our limited warranty does not extend to any subsequent owner or other transferee of the product. Our limited warranty starts on the day of purchase and lasts for one year (“Warranty Period”). If any material or workmanship defect is discovered during the limited-warranty period, we will repair or replace your product at no cost to you.

Our limited warranty does not cover claims resulting from improper use, abuse, alteration, involvement in an accident, a failure to follow product use and safety instructions, a failure to follow the MAD-RAMPS assembly instructions, or other prohibitions detailed in the MAD-RAMPS warranty document.

How do I register my warranty?

All product warranties must be registered with MAD-RAMPS USA. A warranty card will be included with your order and must be returned to the address below. Simply complete the warranty card and return it to company headquarters:

One Mill Road, Industrial Park, Pender, NE 68047

Warranty cards can also be completed, scanned, and emailed to [email protected]

How do I submit a warranty claim?

Please submit any warranty claim through our Contact page, and a MAD-RAMPS USA representative will be in touch soon.

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