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ATV Loading Ramp Accessories You Need

June 02, 2023
By Chad Wall

Get the most out of your MAD-RAMPS Pivoting Ramp System with our MAD-RAMPS accessories. These ATV loading ramp accessories are not required for your MAD-RAMPS to function properly, but they can make using it even easier and more convenient, especially if you have a lifted truck, lowered truck, or limited storage space. 

MAD-RAMPS Extensions

If you have a truck with larger tires, a heightened suspension system, or a lift package and need some extra length, use the MAD-RAMPS Extensions. Attach these to your existing MAD-RAMPS Pivoting Ramp System and get an additional 30 inches of length for a total of 9 ft. 10 in. of ramp length for an extremely stable ATV loading ramp. They reduce the angle of the incline so you can more effortlessly drive up into the truck bed. Made from aluminum alloy, these extensions are lightweight and easy to handle. 

MAD-RAMPS Pivot Stops

If you want to prevent your MAD-RAMPS from pivoting during loading and unloading, grab these Pivot Stops. These are great for those who want to load their ATV or UTV all the way into the truck bed, or they allow you to fit two machines in your truck bed if you have a long box truck. The Pivot Stops work by filling in the gap between the pivot cage and the truck’s tailgate so the ramps stay firmly in place and are easy to remove. Manufactured with aluminum alloy, they are lightweight and easy to handle. 

MAD-RAMPS Polycarbonate Spacers

If you’re looking for additional stability when transporting and loading your machine, the MAD-RAMPS Polycarbonate Spacers can be easily installed. These durable spacers are 2 inches in diameter and you get two 10” and two 2” spacers per order. They quickly and easily attach to the pivot bar to keep ramps from shifting.

MAD-RAMPS Ratchet Straps

Everyone needs a great set of ratchet straps, and the MAD-RAMPS Ratchet Straps are better than the rest. Powered by Shock Strap, these are excellent for thicker Pro-Bars or when you have a tight area that hooks won’t work in. These straps are 7 feet long and 1 ½ inches wide with vinyl-coated secure latch hooks and soft ties on both ends. You can trust these straps to secure heavier loads thanks to the DOT-rated 1,000lb working load limit and the 3,000lb breaking strength. Each set of straps comes with a 2-year warranty. 


It is easy to prevent ATV theft with the MAD-RAMPS Lock Set. This set comes 2 locks for the extending ramps and 1 for the receiver hitch for better protection against those who have their eye on your ATV or even your MAD-RAMPS system. These locks are made from high-quality machine-hardened steel that has been forged and chrome plated. You can feel confident in the 3,000lb breaking strength and the ease of locking and unlocking with a simple quarter turn. 


The MAD-RAMPS Mad-Mount is specifically designed for storing your MAD-RAMPS when not in use. It is a low-profile mount that attaches to the wall of your garage or shop to save valuable space and keep your ATV loading ramp set-up easily accessible. The mount’s frame is made from durable steel and holds all three MAD-RAMPS assemblies, including the frame, the driver-side cage and ramp, and the passenger-side cage and ramp. There are separate mounts for each MAD-RAMPS model, the MR1400 and MR2000.

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