MAD-RAMPS Extensions


Lifted truck?  MAD-RAMPS Extensions easily attach to give you an extra 30 inches of length for easy loading and unloading of your ATV, UTV, or Golf Cart.

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The MAD-RAMPS Extensions attach to the end of the standard-length aluminum ramps and add an additional 30 inches of ramp length to the standard MAD-RAMPS system. The MAD-RAMPS Extensions can be used by people who drive lifted trucks, and by those who wish to have a more gradual incline slope when loading and unloading their ATVs/UTVs, or Golf Carts.

  • Manufactured with aluminum alloy
  • Lightweight and easy to handle (14 lbs.)
  • Provides 9 feet 10 inches of ramp length when combined with the standard MAD-RAMPS system
  • Seamlessly attaches to the standard-length aluminum ramps with two retainer pins for quick and safe use
  • Easily removable for over-the-road travel
  • Reduces the incline angle when loading and unloading ATVs/UTVs on trucks with lift packages, large tires, or heightened suspension systems
  • Best way to transport a golf cart

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