MAD-RAMPS Pivot Stops – MR0102

Want to load your machine all the way into the pickup? Have a low ground clearance machine? Load a machine entirely into the bed of a truck with the MAD-RAMPS Pivot Stops!


MAD-RAMPS MR0102 Pivot Stops

The MAD-RAMPS Pivot Stops MR0102 attach to the black pivot cages on the standard MAD-RAMPS system. The pivot stops prevent the ramps from pivoting during the loading and unloading processes, by filling the normal gap between the pivot cages and your truck’s tailgate. The MAD-RAMPS Pivot Stops were designed for people who want to load their ATVs/UTVs/Golf Carts all the way into the beds of their trucks, and for those who want to load machines with minimal ground clearance (such as golf carts).

  • Manufactured with aluminum alloy
  • Lightweight and easy to handle (5 lbs.)
  • Seamlessly attaches to the upper ends of the black pivot cages
  • Prevents ramps from pivoting while loading and unloading your machine
  • Easily removable after use
  • Helpful to people who want to load their machines all the way into the beds of their trucks, who want to haul two machines in long box trucks, and who want to load golf carts and other machines with minimal ground clearance

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Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 15.5 × 15.5 × 11 in

Why MAD-RAMPS is the Superior Alternative

No Trailer Needed

Trailers are difficult to store and they may limit where you can travel, and require maintenance and licensing.

More Reliable

With MAD-RAMPS there is no more guessing if the ramps are the right width apart or if they will slide out.

Maintenance Free

MAD-RAMPS provides an affordable, maintenance-free way to transport your ATV or UTV in the bed of your truck.

No Limits

Without a trailer to hold you back, you can drive out to the remote destinations that are off the beaten path.

Leave the Trailer and Go

Feature ATV/UTV Trailers
Licensing, registration, & insurance Yes No
Ongoing maintenance Yes No
Parking & storage Yes No
Terrain limitations Yes No

Customer Reviews

Today, the MAD-RAMPS Pivoting Ramp System is revolutionizing the way ATV, UTV, and Snowmobile riders load, unload, and transport their machines.

“I haul my Kawasaki Mule everywhere for rural land sales and there is simply no safer or easier way to put a small UTV in the back of a half ton truck. In the mud or in the dark its the same safe and simple procedure. If you are looking for an alternative to trailering, look no further.”

Cody C. from Kansas

Does Your Truck Pass the Test?

Enter the measurements of your truck bed & ATV/UTV using the Mad-Ramps calculator to see if the Mad-Ramps loading system is the right fit for you! First, you will want to enter the length and width of your truck bed. Next, you need to enter the length, width, and weight of your ATV/UTV. Lastly, the calculator will tell you whether or not your truck and ATV/UTV are compatible with MAD-RAMPS loading system!

  • The MAD-RAMPS Pivoting Ramp System is both a simple solution and a superior alternative to loading ramps.
  • MAD-RAMPS allows you to safely load, unload, and transport your ATV, UTV, Snowmobile, or Golf Cart.

Size Calculator

*The Calculator will automatically add 21" to the length of your truck bed.

Enter the measurements of your ATV/UTV below


Your truck bed is compatible with Mad-Ramps.


Your truck bed is not compatible with Mad-Ramps.


MAD-RAMPS Pivot Stops – MR0102