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Folding Ramp Vs. Pivoting Ramp – Which Is Safer?

January 10, 2022
By Chad Wall

Whether you’re heading to a worksite, a trailhead, or a favorite hunting area, transporting your ATV or UTV is essential. Mastering the technique of loading, securing, and unloading is a separate art form. The experience begins with selecting the right off-road vehicle (ORV) loading ramp. So, which is better; a folding ramp or a pivoting ramp?

Folding Ramps

How Safe Are Folding Ramps?

When loading an ATV into your truck bed using folding ramps, there is a chance that you, your vehicle, or the ATV may be damaged. It is not suggested that you do this on your own, therefore having a second person with you will reduce the likelihood of injury or property damage. If the surface of the ramps is excessively slippery, especially if the surface is wet, it may be difficult to maneuver the ATV up the ramp.It is critical to secure the ramp before driving on or off of it in order to prevent the ramp from sliding. It is probable that you may suffer damage to your vehicle and ATV if this occurs. 

Be safe out there, and always use the proper ATV/UTV protective gear!

Tips For Installing Folding Ramps

  • Wear your ATV safety equipment, including a helmet, goggles, gloves, and boots.
  • Ensure that the ramp has a high-quality rating and is capable of supporting the combined weight of the ATV and its rider.
  • If the ATV’s ramp is not adequately rated, it may tip over and collide with the rear of the trailer or pickup truck.
  • Buckling may also occur when a vehicle hits a ramp at a high rate of speed.
  • Straps or chains may be used to attach the ramp to the trailer or pickup truck’s frame.
  • Approaching the ramp in first gear will allow you to climb it with relative ease. If necessary, use the four-wheel drive in low gear to maximize traction.

Storing A Folding Ramp

As soon as you’ve loaded your ATV into the bed of your truck using foldable ATV ramps, you’ll discover that there isn’t any more space for anything else. It’s likely that you’ll need to carry more than just your ATV ramp and the ATV itself to the location. If you have a toolbox in the bed of your truck, this isn’t even an option. Many shorter truck beds do not have adequate space for an ATV, even when the truck is entirely empty. You will also need space in your garage or home to store folding ramps.

Pivoting Ramps

How Safe Are Pivoting Ramps?

Ramps that pivot allow you to load your ATV into the bed of a vehicle in a much safer manner. The pivoting ramp is designed to fit into your vehicle’s hitch and remains firmly in place. You may make modifications to accommodate your vehicle and ATV, so you won’t have to estimate how much to load and unload each time. As you drive the ATV onto the ramp, the ramps are engineered to automatically pivot up to accommodate the ATV. This eliminates the need to bother with lifting them up off the ground and moving them into the bed of the truck.

Tips For Installing Pivoting Ramps

Assembling a pivoting ramp is fast and straightforward to construct. After you get it set up for your ATV and vehicle, you will not have to make any alterations to it in the future. Because the ramps are self-contained, they do not need to be removed from the vehicle and stored in the bed. You can simply place it on the wall when it’s not in use to keep it clean. 

Installing Pivoting Ramps MAD-RAMPS

Storing A Pivoting Ramp

The rear wheels of your ATV rest on the ramps while it is being transported. This means that your ATV doesn’t have to be positioned all the way toward the front of the truck bed. This frees up space for gear you need to bring. Still making it easy to get your ATV into a short bed truck.

Get The Safest Option With MAD-RAMPS!

Using MAD-RAMPS to transport your ATV, UTV, or SXS is a game-changing innovation. We hold DOT approved in all 50 states.  You can loading and unloading ATVs with our pivoting ramp system that makes it safe and straightforward.  Furthermore transporting ATVs or UTV/SXSs weighing up to 1,400 pounds is possible. MAD-RAMPS goes above and above in terms of safety. Our wire harnesses manufacturing is with waterproof DEUTSCH connectors that are abrasion-wrapped, to ensure long-term performance. Visit our website to learn more about the best way to load, unload and transport your off-road vehicles! 

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