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MAD-RAMPS Uses Year Round: Ramps for Quads, Snowmobiles, and More

September 07, 2022
By Chad Wall

When you need a set of ramps for loading things into your truck bed, MAD-RAMPS is one of the most versatile ramp options on the market. You can get use out of the MAD-RAMPS pivoting ramp in every season. It is one of the best ramps for quads, snowmobiles, golf carts, and more. 

MAD-RAMPS Uses in Spring

Springtime sees a lot of use out of the MAD-RAMPS pivoting ramp. The weather starts to warm up, and its time to play. Many people are ready to hit the golf courses as soon as they open in March or April. MAD-RAMPS works great for loading and unloading your golf cart. You are able to quickly and safely drive your golf cart into your truck bed. It is also incredibly easy to load, so you won’t need an extra person to help guide you in, hold the ramps, or tie everything down. As an added bonus, using MAD-RAMPS leaves you with plenty of extra room in your truck bed for your golf clubs and a cooler of beer, two necessities on the golf course. 

MAD-RAMPS Uses in Summer

When the weather warms up, that means it’s time to hit the trails on your quad. Finding ramps for quads that aren’t a pain to set up can save you tons of time, meaning more hours to ride. Traditional ramps for quads tend to be clunky and difficult to position properly. The last thing you want is to drive up on a set of ramps that then slip out from under you and damage your quad, your truck, or hurt yourself. MAD-RAMPS attaches to your truck hitch, then you simply drive on and the ramps pivot upward so you can easily get loaded and ready to roll. 

MAD-RAMPS Uses in Fall

Fall means the start of hunting season for many across the US and getting to those prime hunting spots is always quicker if you have four wheels. Loading up your quad into the bed of your truck with MAD-RAMPS is going to be the easiest way to get to your favorite hunting spot whether you’re headed out at dawn or dusk. Sometimes when it comes to hunting, timing is everything, so don’t let yourself be slowed down. It also helps you get out to even the most remote hunting spots that would take hours on foot or would be inaccessible if you were hauling your quad with a trailer. And if you are leaving the woods with a big trophy, you’ll be glad to have your quad to help haul it out. 

MAD-RAMPS Uses in Winter

When the snow starts to fall, there is so much fun to be had on a snowmobile, but transporting one can be difficult without the right equipment. MAD-RAMPS has an add-on snowmobile kit that eliminates the dangers of traditional ramps and sled decks and the hassles of hauling a trailer that will only limit the places you can go, especially in the snow. The center ramp and adjustable pedestal let you pull into the truck bed, and the included bed guards protect your truck from the snowmobile’s skis. You also get custom plastic inserts for the outer ski ramps to prevent damaging the skis. 

Get The Most Versatile Ramps for Quads with MAD-RAMPS

MAD-RAMPS provides an affordable, maintenance-free way to transport your quad, ATV, UTV, SXS, golf cart, snowmobile, and even your lawn mower in the bed of your truck. It is DOT approved in all 50 states and does not require any licensing. With the ability to adjust the ground clearance for highway or off-road driving, you will never be limited on where your adventures take you. Visit the website to order your MAD-RAMPS pivoting ramp system today.

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