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Loading A Golf Cart Into Your Truck – The MAD-RAMPS Way

January 11, 2021
By Chad Wall

It’s a beautiful day, and you suddenly get the urge to head out to the golf course. You grab your clubs and are ready to go, but before you do, you have to load your golf cart into the back of your truck or onto a trailer. Next thing you know, you’ve spent an extra hour or more getting things ready, and you’re getting to the golf course much later than you hoped. If this sounds familiar, make the switch to MAD-RAMPS and make loading a golf cart into your truck bed a breeze!

Golf Cart Trailers Slow You Down

When you’re using a traditional trailer to haul your golf cart, chances are you are going to spend a lot of additional time getting the trailer hooked up to your vehicle, getting the ramps lined up, driving the cart on to the ramps, and then strapping your golf cart to the trailer. This process often requires two people to do it safely. Attempting to load a golf cart onto a trailer by yourself can be risky and end in disaster. Even when you aren’t hauling your golf cart on a trailer, they can be a pain. A trailer must be licensed, the tires and brake lights must be checked, and you have to figure out where to store it when it’s not in use. Oh, and good luck finding a decent parking spot once you get to the golf course with a trailer in tow! 

Leave Traditional Ramps in the Past

Even if you aren’t using a trailer and plan on loading a golf cart into your truck bed, there are still downsides to this method with traditional ramps. Using traditional ramps to load a golf cart is dangerous. If the ramps aren’t lined up correctly and secured properly, they can slide away from the truck, the golf car wheels can slip off, and you could end up damaging your vehicle, golf cart, yourself, or an innocent bystander. If you do manage to get the golf cart loaded into the truck bed, you are left with no room for your golf clubs, a cooler, or other equipment you need to bring along. 

The Fastest, Safest Way To Load A Golf Cart

MAD-RAMPS is the fastest and safest way to go about loading a golf cart into your truck. The MAD-RAMPS pivoting ramp system can be used by anyone! Without the hazard of conventional ramps and a clunky old trailer, one person can load and unload a golf cart into a truck bed safely, quickly, and easily. The ramp system connects seamlessly to the truck hitch in a matter of seconds and enables you to drive your golf cart into the truck bed. Once into the truck bed, the ramps pivot up and can be locked into place. They allow the truck’s tail lights and license plates to remain visible, which means no need to get an extra license as you need with a trailer. 

Enjoy the Convenience of MAD-RAMPS

MAD-RAMPS makes loading a golf cart into your truck easier and more convenient than ever. Once the golf cart is loaded into the truck bed, you’ll find that there is still plenty of space for your golf clubs and other equipment you want to take along. MAD-RAMPS are DOT approved in all 50 states, don’t require an additional license, and have adjustable ground-clearance for highway and off-road travel. When not in use, they can be easily stored until you’re ready for the next trip. 

Make the Switch to MAD-RAMPS Today

Stop struggling with your conventional ramps and trailers. Make the switch to MAD-RAMPS today and make loading a golf cart into your truck easier and safer than ever before. MAD-RAMPS can also be used for loading ATVs or UTVs as well as snowmobiles. Visit the MAD-RAMPS website to get yours today!

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