Will Mad-Ramps work with my ATV/UTV and truck?

The most common question we are asked is will Mad-Ramps work with my ATV/UTV and truck?  In order to answer that question, you need to determine the following:

What does your machine weigh?

Is it within the 1400 lb. weight limit of the Mad-Ramps and is that within the tongue weight capacity of the pickup’s hitch?

How wide is your machine?

Most full-size pickups will allow anything less than 60” wide into the bed of the pickup. However, there are additional items that factor into this like tonneau cover rails, side-mounted toolboxes, etc. that can limit your width clearance.

How long is the ATV or UTV that you’re wanting to haul?

To determine if your machine will fit, take a measurement from the very front of your machine back to the center of the rear wheel.

Now take a measurement from the inside front of your truck bed to the furthest point back on the tailgate while the tailgate is down. Add 21 inches to that measurement and if this measurement is equal to or more than the measurement taken from your ATV/UTV then your machine should fit length wise.

If your machine is within the weight ratings, narrow enough to fit in the bed and within the length limits of your truck bed, YES
Mad-Ramps will work with your ATV/UTV and truck.

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