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Put Your ATV/UTV to Work

November 23, 2019
By Chad Wall

When you’re ready to develop the back 40, or you’ve got a broken fence to repair, how do you get there? A tractor or a horse might be your go to answers, but what about your ATV or UTV? With the right attachments, your ATV/UTV can do nearly anything your tractor or horse was capable of doing before.

Getting Around the Farm

Rather than tire out your horse, turn the key, and get moving faster than before. You can ride your ATV out to the furthest extents of your property, and take your materials with you. Have a crew working on your farm? Rather than having them walk there, just hop in your ATV and get to the work zone faster.

Expedite Your Work Load

Typical ATVs can tow upwards of 800 pounds and hold 100 pounds on the racks. A UTV can carry 300-1000 pounds on the racks, and even more when towing. Need to carry a pile of firewood or pallets of soil? No problem with your ATV/UTV. What about building a rock wall on some more inaccessible part of your property? Your ATV/UTV can take you where your trusty tractor can’t.

Attachment Central

Attachments can make your ATV/UTV into the workhorse you’ve always needed. So what can be the most useful utilities? It depends on what exactly you’re trying to accomplish on your land, but here are some of our favorites:

-3 Point Hitch System: This system easily attaches to a landscape rake, a rear blade, cultivator set, chisel plow, disc plow, sweeper broom, and more.

-Corn Planters: Not one, not two, not even three! Plant several rows of corn at one time.

-Industrial Sprayer: Need to kill weeds before planting? You can find sprayers that hold up to 30 gallons of fluid.

-Plow Blades: What about all that snow? It’s no reason not to work. Make your ATV/UTV a multi-purpose tool, and attach a plow to the front of your vehicle during the snowy months. Quickly clear the snow and get back to work.

-Pull-Behind Trailer: This might be one of the most useful attachments. Need to carry larger supplies to the worksite? What about hauling game back to the barn? No problem with your attached trailer.

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