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What Are The Best Ramps To Load a Golf Cart?

August 10, 2022
By Chad Wall

When you’re ready to hit the links with your own golf cart, you want to get your cart loaded up quickly, easily, and safely. So, what are the best ramps to load a golf cart? 

Arched Loading Ramps

One of the most commonly used loading ramps for golf carts are the individual aluminum ramps that rest on the back of the truck bed, allowing you to drive your golf cart into the bed of your truck. 


Arched loading ramps are often used because they create a more gentle angle. With an arch toward the middle of the ramp, it reduces the loading angle by around 10 degrees, decreasing the chances of bottoming out during the loading process. 


Individual loading ramps like this, whether arched or flat, can be quite clumsy and difficult to set up. Before you are able to drive your golf cart onto the ramps, you must be certain they are at the exact right width apart to avoid one golf cart tire slipping off on the way up. You will also need to be sure that the ramps are properly secured to the back of the truck bed to avoid a sudden drop if one of the slips during loading. These ramps can also be cumbersome to handle, required two people to use safely, and are difficult to bring with you for unloading since your golf cart will be taking up most of the room in the truck bed. 

Utility Trailer

A utility trailer can also be used to transport a golf cart. They often have a built-in ramp that doubles as a gate to keep the golf cart or other items on the trailer from escaping. However, you should not rely on the gate/ramp to keep your golf cart in place. You will still need to secure it with straps. 


A utility trailer for hauling a golf cart has the advantage of freeing up all of the space in the back of your truck bed, so you have plenty of room for your golf clubs, a cooler, or other items you want to take with you to the course. 


A utility trailer can be difficult to store unless you have extra space in your garage or a separate area at your home for storing large items like this. You will also need to have the proper hitch on your vehicle to tow the trailer safely. Additionally, trailers require upkeep and maintenance like licensing, tires, and other various repairs over time. 

MAD-RAMPS Pivoting Golf Cart Ramp System

MAD-RAMPS offers an innovative pivoting ramp system that is one of the best ramps to load a golf cart. The patent-pending design connects seamlessly to your truck’s receiver hitch in seconds and doesn’t need to be removed until you are back home and ready to store it until next time. To use it, simply drive your golf cart onto the ramps, into your truck bed, and let the ramps pivot upward and lock them into place. Then you’re ready to head to the golf course. 


Once MAD-RAMPS is installed, you can easily drive your golf cart onto the ramps and into your truck bed by yourself without needing an extra set of hands. The design also leaves additional room in your truck bed for your golf clubs and other items you need to bring to the golf course with you. It is DOT approved in all 50 states and does not require any licensing or maintenance. You can adjust the ground clearance for highway or off-road driving as well, so you can use it no matter where your adventures take you. This ramp can also be used for ATVs, UTVs, and snowmobiles, so it is versatile to accommodate all of your outdoor hobbies.  


It is hard to find a disadvantage with the MAD-RAMPS pivoting ramp system, other than spending too much time out on the golf course (if there is such a thing). It is an affordable, maintenance-free way to safely load and unload your golf cart or other motorized recreational toys. 

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