Life is full of difficult choices. How you load, unload, and transport your ATV or UTV doesn’t have to be one of them.


  • Many states require ATV/UTV trailers to be licensed, registered, and insured, adding to the ongoing annual costs of owning a trailer; MAD-RAMPS require no such licensing, registration, or insurance.
  • ATV/UTV trailers require ongoing maintenance costs, such as replacing blown-out tires and bad wheel bearings; MAD-RAMPS are maintenance free.
  • ATV/UTV trailers require a place to park when they are not in use; MAD-RAMPS can be easily disconnected from your truck and conveniently stored on our wall-hanging MAD-MOUNT.
  • ATV/UTV trailers can only travel over smooth and even terrain; MAD-RAMPS allow you to travel over any terrain your truck can take you.

Save yourself the hassle of dealing with a trailer, and go with MAD-RAMPS.

Licensing, registration, & insuranceYESNO
Ongoing maintenanceYESNO
Parking & storageYESNO
Terrain limitationsYESNO

Conventional ATV/UTV Ramps v. MAD-RAMPS

  • Conventional ATV/UTV ramps are prone to sliding or moving when you are loading or unloading your ATV/UTV from the bed of your truck, creating a dangerous safety hazard; MAD-RAMPS securely lock into your truck’s receiver hitch, eliminating any ramp movement and ensuring a completely safe experience during the loading and unloading processes.
  • Conventional ATV/UTV ramps have to be manually handled prior to loading and unloading your ATV/UTV, and then conventional ramps have to be stowed away in your already-full truck bed before you can travel; MAD-RAMPS do not have to be manually handled, and MAD-RAMPS securely lock into our patent-pending Pivot Cages so you are ready to travel, saving you both precious time and needed space in your truck’s bed.
  • Conventional ATV/UTV ramps require you to use all of your truck’s bed space to load, unload, and transport your machine; MAD-RAMPS, through our space-saving design, allow you to reserve plenty of space at the front of your truck’s bed—even after you load your machine—for all of the cargo and gear that you need to take along.

Keep your bed space and go like a pro with MAD-RAMPS.

Ramp movement & instability during loading & unloadingYESNO
Manual handling & stowing of rampsYESNO
Entire truck bed required for useYESNO
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