MAD-RAMPS Checklist


Does your ATV/UTV weigh less than 1400 lbs? Anything past 1400 lbs exceeds the weight limit of the Mad-Ramps and will not work. Also, make sure that the weight of your ATV/UTV is within the tongue weight capacity of your truck’s hitch.


Is your ATV/UTV wider than 60”? Most full-size pickups will allow anything less than 60” wide into the bed of the pickup. However, there are additional items that factor into this like tonneau cover rails, side-mounted tool boxes, etc. that can limit your width clearance.


Take a measurement from the front of your ATV/UTV back to the center of the rear wheel. Now measure from the inside front of your truck bed to the furthest point back on the tailgate while the tailgate is down and add 21 inches. If this measurement is equal to or more than the measurement taken from your ATV/UTV then your machine should fit lengthwise.

MAD-RAMPS Calculator

Enter the measurements of your truck bed & ATV/UTV using the Mad-Ramps calculator to see if the Mad-Ramps loading system is the right fit for you! First, you will want to enter the length and width of your truck bed. Next, you need to enter the length, width, and weight of your ATV/UTV. Lastly, the calculator will tell you whether or not your truck and ATV/UTV are compatible with MAD-RAMPS loading system!

*The Calculator will automatically add 21″ to the length of your truck bed

Enter the measurements of your truck bed below

Enter the measurements of your ATV/UTV below


Your truck bed is compatible with mad-ramps


Your truck bed is not compatible with mad-ramps

Does your Truck & ATV/UTV Pass The Test?

Does your truck bed and ATV/UTV pass the Mad-Ramps checklist? Are you ready for the freedom & ease of use that the Mad-Ramps system offers? Order your Mad-Ramps today!

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