How to Transport a Snowmobile: Snowmobile Ramps, Trailers, and More

December 13, 2022
By Chad Wall

If there’s fresh snow on the ground and a free day on the calendar, that means it’s time to load up the snowmobile and ride. But, when you’re ready to hit the trails, how do you transport your snowmobile in the quickest and safest manner? Trailering or towing your sled illegally or incorrectly can result in a ticket and you may be putting other drivers in danger if everything is not securely fastened or hangs over the end of the truck’s open tailgate. So, should you use snowmobile ramps, a trailer, a sled deck, or something else? 

Snowmobile Trailers

If you choose to use a trailer to transport your snowmobile, you have two different options; an open trailer or an enclosed trailer. An open trailer is going to be a less expensive option than an enclosed one. If your trailer is big enough, you may be able to haul more than one snowmobile at once, but be sure you can fit them both easily with enough room to securely fasten them down. An enclosed trailer offers some protection against the elements, so if you’re headed out on a day when the snow is actively falling, you won’t have to brush snow, ice, and road debris off your sled before you ride. An enclosed trailer can also provide a bit of privacy if you plan on taking a multi-day trip where you’ll have the trailer parked with the snowmobile inside. However, trailers require licensing and enough space to store when not in use. They may also limit where you can ride if you can’t haul your trailer on those back woods roads. 

Sled Decks

Sled decks are installed into your truck bed and allow you to haul your snowmobile above the bed of your truck. Some riders prefer to use these because they get the sled up higher and away from the road, so they get less salt and road debris on them as you travel down the road, however, they do have some drawbacks. Since these rest on top of the truck bed, they cover the entire truck bed, so if you plan on storing items in the truck bed, items that are in the back of the bed or have shifted during transit may be difficult to reach. Additionally, it can be tricky to get the sleds onto the deck. You will need to use snowmobile ramps and since the sleds will sit so high, the angle of the snowmobile ramps may be steep. Riders will have to be precise when lining up the ramps and ensure that they are secure before taking a run at it. 

Loading Directly Into the Truck Bed

If you’re going for the cheapest option, you can load your snowmobile directly into the truck bed using snowmobile ramps. This is probably the least preferred option because it can be dangerous to use the snowmobile ramps in this way. The likelihood of them slipping off the tailgate as you’re driving in poses the risk of damaging your truck, your snowmobile, or yourself. Not to mention, once you get the snowmobile into the truck bed, there is a good chance that it will cause damage to the surface of the truck bed. 

Try the MAD-RAMPS Pivoting Ramp System

Another option for hauling is the MAD-RAMPS Pivoting Ramp System. The patented MAD-RAMPS Snowmobile Kit is an add-on to the MAD-RAMPS Pivoting Ramp System that adds a third central ramp and an adjustable pedestal for the snowmobile track, as well as custom plastic inserts for the outer ski ramps. It also includes bed guards to protect your truck bed from the snowmobile’s skis. The MAD-RAMP system seamlessly connects to your truck’s receiver hitch in seconds, enabling you to quickly load your machine and hit the road in a matter of minutes. It also provides more than 16 square feet of ramp loading surface when fully extended. MAD-RAMPS is DOT approved in all 50 states and has adjustable ground-clearance settings whether you’re driving on the highway or on an off-road adventure. Visit the website to order yours today.

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