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Madramps: Compatible with Short and Long Bed Trucks

March 24, 2022
By Chad Wall

If you’ve discovered the exhilaration that an ATV can provide, you’re probably hooked on the activity. However, this activity may be rather costly. You may be concerned about the amount of room available. Towing your ATV in your vehicle might help you save money, but what if your truck has a small bed?

How To Determine What ATV Fits In Your Truck Bed

To establish if your ATV will fit in the truck bed, the first step is to determine the measurements of the ATV and the truck bed.

While obtaining the measurements, you might consider putting an ATV into the truck bed with the tailgate up.

If you wish to place a bigger ATV in your truck bed with the tailgate down, be very cautious not to overload your tailgate. With the tailgate down, you run the danger of breaking the cables, destroying your tailgate, and causing further damage to your vehicle and ATVs.

However, it is not a terrible idea to leave the tailgate down if there is insufficient room to shut it. Determine that the ATV’s weight is not resting on the tailgate. If you are comfortable transporting an ATV with the tailgate down, you may safely haul an ATV that is one or two class sizes bigger than the recommended sizes.

Truck Bed Width

Truck bed width is a determining factor when finding a compatible truck to haul your ATV. Truck beds typically range from 45” to 65” wide(most commonly 60”), while ATV widths range from 45” to 50”. This means that most likely the width of your truck bed will likely accommodate any ATV. 

If your side-by-side exceeds 60 inches in width, it will not fit in your truck bed. This includes the RZR Turbo, Maverick X3, Ranger 1000, and Honda Talon, to mention a few.

However, there are still a number of ATVs that will fit. Any trail model will function as well as the majority of ATVs manufactured before 2016. Additionally, any RZR S 1000 will fit well. 

Truck Bed Length

The length of your truck bed often dictates the ATV that you can accommodate. Generally, each new vehicle purchased comes with three options: standard truck bed, short truck bed, or long truck bed. Additionally, their lengths vary per model and are available in a straightforward range.

A short truck bed is typically between 67 and 70 inches long, a standard bed is between 76 and 79 inches long, and a long truck bed is between 90 and 120 inches long.

What ATV Will Fit In My Truck Bed?

Dodge Ram

With a long truck bed Ram, essentially any ATV can be accommodated. With the short truck bed, you should be OK up to a 1000cc ATV.

Ford Light Duty

You’ll be good with hauling almost any ATV in the standard or extended cab versions with a long truck bed. 

For example, most 500cc ATVs and a few 1000cc ATVs will fit in the long bed Ford Ranger. The Ford Ranger short bed model is at a length where you should double-check the measurements of your ATVs.

Ford Super Duty

You can fit practically any ATV on the long truck beds. These will be quite similar to the Ford Light Duty trucks’ long bed and short truck bed selections above.The Super Duty trucks typically offer you an additional two inches.

Chevy Silverado

You should have no trouble fitting any model of ATV if you have a Silverado with a long, standard, or short bed. ATVs up to 1000cc should all be compatible. Just be aware of the weights so that you are not overloading the hitch on the pickup.

Toyota Tundra

The Tundra was initially available with either a long bed or a short bed, but in 2006, the conventional short bed was replaced with two different sized short beds.

You’ll be safe with any ATV with the long truck bed Tundra. You may run into some restrictions when it comes to the pre-2006 short-bed models. 

Loading ATVs With MAD-RAMPS

Loading ATVs into your vehicles for the weekend might be a chore, but with MAD-RAMPS, it easily fits into your truck’s hitch, enabling your ATV’s back tires to rest on it behind the tailgate during transportation. 

The benefit is that this platform also secures your ramps during loading and transportation, freeing up space in your truck bed. You cannot pull a trailer while the MAD-RAMPS are in operation. Platforms are constructed of steel, whereas sliding ramps are constructed of lightweight aluminum.

MAD-RAMPS is the best alternative to trailer hauling and the use of conventional loading ramps. The MAD-RAMPS pivoting & tilting Loading Ramp System enables safe loading and unloading of equipment into a truck bed or flatbed. To learn more about MAD-RAMPS 4 wheeler ramps and see if it is compatible with your truck, visit our website

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