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Best ATV Riding in Colorado

August 23, 2021
By Chad Wall

Colorado has a unique variety of landscapes: the snow-capped Rocky Mountains, spectacular deserts and plains, and forested hillsides all combine to provide an excellent destination for outdoor enthusiasts. But where can you find the best ATV riding in Colorado? There is a wide range of options depending on your skill level, desire for adventure, and natural and cultural interests.

Top Trails For ATV Riding In Colorado

Webster Pass/Red Cone

Location: Montezuma, CO

Skill Level: Difficult

This trail is not for the faint of heart or beginners. It’s not challenging, but there are some significant drop-offs. Despite its location just outside of Keystone, Colorado’s famed ski town, this trail isn’t overrun with tourists like some of the more popular ones.

This trail is only around 20 miles long, but it is slow going and will take several hours to complete. This thrilling route winds its way down Red Cone’s spine, with breathtaking drops on both sides. You’ll be driving well above the tree line, with miles of mountain views in every direction. 

Hancock Pass, Cumberland Pass, and Tincup Pass

Location: St. Elmo, CO

Skill Level: Difficult

This journey combines three well-known Taylor Park trails into one fantastic ride. You begin and end your journey in St. Elmo, Colorado. Hancock Pass Road 295, Cumberland Pass Road 765, and Tincup Pass Road 267 make up this journey. 

This high alpine loop trail takes you across three mountain passes that are above 12,000 feet high. As you visit many historic mining towns and the ghost towns of Tincup and Hancock, you’ll be driving through Colorado’s history. 

This ride has so much to offer. Enjoy as you go through luscious green meadows, rolling hills, abundant pines, steep mountain peaks, high alpine tundra, and the little but picturesque Mirror Lake, you will be treated to breathtaking sights.

Black Bear Pass

Location: Telluride, CO

Skill Level: Difficult 

This trail peaks at Black Bear Pass, at an elevation of 12,840 feet, after a brief ascent. It’s at this point that the thrills begin. Switchbacks, difficult “rock steps,” and sheer drop-offs characterize the breathtaking descent. Enjoy amazing views in all directions, including a close-up picture of Colorado’s highest waterfall, Bridal Veil Fall.

This high mountain Forest Service Road has a very short riding season due to its high elevation from late summer to fall, depending on snowfall. It usually begins in late July. This route becomes a one-way only road as it approaches Telluride. Because ATVs are not permitted on city streets in Telluride, you will need to arrange for a trailer shuttle if you plan to complete the entire ride.

Lizard Head Trail

Location: Ophir, CO

Skill Level: Easy

The Lizard Head Wilderness, which covers 41,496 acres and is 10 miles southwest of Telluride, is a great place to go if you’re searching for some wilderness. Mount Wilson and El Diente are two of the most magnificent peaks in the area, drawing mountain climbers and hikers. The Lizard Head Trail, which is 7.7 miles long and shared with hikers and horseback riders, takes you from Lizard Head Pass into the wilderness recreation area. Roll through spruce-fir and aspen forests, pass into Bilk Creek Basin, and admire the waterfalls.

This trail isn’t extremely lengthy, but the scenery is spectacular, and it connects to the Wilson Mesa Trail for further exploration. It’s not overly technical, so it’s appropriate for any type of ATV and rider.

Bangs Canyon

Location: Grand Junction, CO

Skill Level: Easy-Difficult

This canyon is located southwest of Grand Junction, Colorado, and offers a variety of off-roading trails ranging from easy to difficult. The trail system runs through Colorado National Monument and provides spectacular wilderness views. The steepest parts will provide views that span for 50 miles or more. 

Billings Trail is one of the primary off-road trails for ATV riding in colorado. The trail is not for the faint of heart and will test even the most skilled driver. The trail is somewhat rocky, with a lot of giant boulders to navigate. This is a long tail, but it’s well worth it for those who enjoy the excitement of almost being upside down.

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