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Best ATV Trails Around Moab, Utah

June 03, 2021
By Chad Wall

With the variety of terrain in Moab and the surrendering areas, it is no wonder that it is an adventurer’s paradise. The vast array of outdoor activities available and ATV trails around Moab gives the outdoor enthusiast access to what seems like unlimited choices. If you are ready to load up for your next ATV adventure around the Moab, Utah area, here are some of the best places to ride and enjoy all that it has to offer. 

Bartlett Wash Road

Just outside of Moab, Bartlett Wash Road is an access point to many must-see sites such as Hidden Canyon and Tusher Tunnel, along with many others. The mellow terrain is excellent for inexperienced ATV riders and allows the more experienced the feeling of wide-open spaces to really ride free. From the main Bartlett Wash Road, Tusher Tunnel is located just over a mile where you can experience the beautiful sights. Tusher Tunnel is an incredible geological feature between 6-7 feet high. It was carved out by water seepage over the course of a millennium. It’s also around 20 degrees cooler than the surrounding desert, making for a relaxing, refreshing stop along the trail. Hidden Canyon is another amazing feature of riding on Bartlett Wash Road. 5.5 miles of beginner terrain offers some of the most spectacular views that ATV trails around Moab have to offer. You will be able to enjoy the most fantastic canyon views along with the rolling sandstones.

White Wash Sand Dunes

Just 48 miles northwest of Moab, White Wash Sand Dunes (also known as Tenmile Dunes) are among the most popular ATV trails around Moab. Over 100 miles of roads and trails with the gorgeous backdrop of the sand dunes. There are 1,400 miles of open riding area. Although the White Wash Sand dunes are not the largest in Utah, they are unique because of the cottonwood trees that grow in the area. 

It is important to always stay on designated ATV routes and follow the rules and barriers to ensure the preservation of the area. Wildlife such as bighorn sheep inhabit the space. When coming into contact with any wildlife, keeping your distance to keep both yourself and the animal safe is crucial. 

If you are looking to spend multiple days at the White Wash Dunes, camping is available. There are no facilities that include water or restrooms, so it is important that you pack accordingly to stay safe and comfortable. 

Monitor And Merrimac Trail

Monitor and Merrimac Trail offers terrain ranging from sweeping sandstone to pasture land. This intermediate trail will give you the opportunity to raise the difficulty from other atv trails around Moab. The 18 mile loop trail is accessible year round and will supply some of Utah’s most incredible views. You will get the chance to see sights such as rock formations and petrified dinosaur bones. This intermediate trail will offer challenges along with the beautiful scenery that you come to expect from ATV trails around Moab.

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