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Get Rid of Your ATV Ramp

September 08, 2020
By Chad Wall

Traditional ATV ramps and ATV trailers are how many people have been loading and unloading their ATVs for decades. Both of these methods come with limitations and risks. Trailers are pricey and add extra length to your vehicle while using a ramp for ATV loading adds the risk of damaging your vehicle, and you end up using all of the space in your truck bed. Here are some reasons you should get rid of your ATV ramp and make the switch to MAD-RAMPS. 

Trailers are Expensive and Cumbersome 

Trailers are a common way people choose to haul their ATVs. However, this is not the best option. First of all, trailers are quite pricey. Just to purchase a trailer, you might end up spending between $800 and $2,000. That doesn’t include licensing your trailer, getting it insured, maintenance, and possibly paying for a place to store it. Trailers also make transporting an ATV more complicated than it needs to be. Trailers compromise the maneuverability of your vehicle and can limit you on where you can travel. Trailers can also be dangerous when driving down the highway or attempting to maneuver through rough, uneven terrain. A trailer can start to sway at high speeds, and rugged road conditions can get you stuck. 

Using a Ramp for ATV Loading Can Be Dangerous

If you decide to ditch the trailer and load your ATV right into your truck’s bed using traditional ramps, there is a good chance you’re going to be shouting a few curse words in the process. Loading your ATV with the typical ramps can be dangerous. Getting your ramps set up just right, keeping them from sliding, and riding your ATV directly onto them is not the easiest of tasks. Now just think about that whole process in reverse. Backing your ATV out of the bed of your truck is an accident waiting to happen. 

Don’t Let Your ATV Take Up All the Truck Bed Space

Once you’ve loaded your ATV into the bed of your truck with traditional ATV ramps, you will find that there is no room for anything else. Chances are, you will need to bring more than just your ATV ramp and the ATV itself. If your truck has a toolbox in the bed, then forget about this even being an option. Additionally, many shorter truck beds don’t have enough room for an ATV at all, even if they are completely empty. 


There is an alternative to using a traditional ramp for ATV loading or hauling a trailer around. MAD-RAMPS is an innovative product that utilizes a pivoting ramp system and allows the ramps to stay connected to your truck, so loading and unloading your ATV is simple, easy, and safe. 


MAD-RAMPS make is much safer to load your ATV into the bed of a truck. The pivoting ramp system inserts into the hitch of your truck and stays there securely. You can make adjustments to fit your truck and ATV, so there is no more guessing each time you load and unload. The ramps are designed to automatically pivot up as you drive the ATV into the ramp. This means you don’t have to worry about picking them up off the ground and maneuvering them into the truck bed. 

MAD-RAMPS Are Easy to Use

Assembling MAD-RAMPS is quick and easy, taking only about 20 minutes total. Once it is set up for your ATV and truck, you won’t have to make any adjustments. The ramps are self-contained, so they don’t have to be removed and stowed in the truck bed. When it is not in use, you can easily store it on the wall to keep it clean and out of the way. 

MAD-RAMPS Leave More Room for Gear

During transport, the rear wheels of your ATV rest on the ramps. This means your ATV doesn’t have to be all the way toward the front of the truck bed, making room for whatever gear you need to take and making it possible to load your ATV into a short bed truck. 

Make the Switch to MAD-RAMPS 

Ready to break free from using a trailer or traditional ramp for ATV loading and unloading? Make the switch to MAD-RAMPS today and see why it is the superior alternative. 

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