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MAD-RAMPS Hunting Gear Guide

October 31, 2019
By Chad Wall

Whether you’re an avid hunter or just a weekend tagalong, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite hunting gear that will make your trip into the fields even more of an adventure.

Escape and Evasion Gun Belt Escape and Evasion Gun Belt

It’s not every day you can have something in your hunting kit created by an ex-CIA agent. This belt features three zippered pockets along the inside so even when you’re out in the middle of nowhere, you can handle anything that comes your way.

Stealth Camera G45NG Pro Stealth Cam

This no-glow trail camera with an even faster trigger is excellent for scouting wildlife and keeping you safe while out on the hunt. With improved battery life, this easy-to-use camera gives you high quality photos day or night.

Summit Sentry SD Summit Sentry SD

Now you can climb up trees even more easily, and sit or stand while you wait for your game to make its appearance. The new flip-up mesh seat is high enough so you can take aim while sitting, and features sound-deadening technology expanding foam so there are no unintentional noises.

Superfeet Guide Series Insole Superfeet Guide Insoles

After a long day of hunting, when you’re carrying your game back to the ATV, you’ll be thankful for the maximum support these insoles provide. With natural shock absorption, Thermo-Right thermoregulating memory foam warm comfort layer, and odor control technology, your feet remain protected (and smelling good!) all day.

Wolverine Style Meat Claws Slash and Serve Shredder Meat Claws

Why not have a toy for when the hunting’s over? These Wolverine meat claws are made of stainless steel 5” long blades, and are mounted on a handle for easy shredding. Say goodbye to traditional meat cutters, and keep these claws on hand for your next post-hunt party. But remember, wash by hand only! Never in the dishwasher.

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