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  • Whether you hunt by bow or firearm, this hunting safety guide will keep you out of harm’s way the next time you load up the ATV for an afternoon in the wilderness.

    1. Assume every gun is loaded and always have control over your muzzle. Always use safe gun practices.
    2. Wear hunter orange. Wearing hunter orange allows you to be visible to the human eye while remaining in camouflage to deer and other big game. Deer lack the red-sensitive cone cells needed to differentiate red and orange from green and brown.
    3. Train yourself for hunting season. It might be surprising, but heart attacks actually take a higher toll than careless hunting accidents. Before hunting season, change up your routine so it includes more daily physical activity.
    4. Set up a “zone-of-fire” with your fellow hunters. Ideally, you shouldn’t be hunting with more than three in a group. Only shoot in the designated zone in front of you. Only one hunter should aim at a single target at any given time. Make sure you use self-control and only shoot when you’re 100% sure of your target.
    5. When using your ATV for a hunting excursion, only use it to get to and from your destination, or to transport game. Never shoot from an ATV. Always make sure your ATV is in working order before going out. Carry unloaded, cased firearms on a gun rack. Your ATV can be used to store all other safety gear like rope, a flat gun, survival rations, a whistle, and a hand axe.


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