Flat Bed Kit Installation Guide

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  • The MAD-RAMPS Flat Bed Kit is designed specifically so flat-bed trucks can take advantage of all the benefits MAD-RAMPS offer. Follow these three steps to install your new Flat Bad Kit.

    An important note before we begin: If you purchased your Flat Bed Kit after installing your MAD-RAMPS Pivoting Ramp System, you’ll need to first remove the Bumper Guard before installing your Flat Bed Kid. When the Bumper Guard has been removed, tighten and torque the two jam bolts in the Bumper Guard back to 70 ft-lbs. each.

    – Pre-thread four of the provided jam bolts into the base. Slide the base onto the receiver end of the main arm. Position the base on the main arm as close as possible to the angled end, but without touching the weld on the main arm. See figure one below for further reference. Once the base is in position, tighten and torque the two jam bolts that attach base to main arm to 70 ft-lbs. each.

    Flat Bed Kit Installation

    – Insert the pedestal into the base. Then, tighten and torque the two jam bolts that attach pedestal to base to 70 ft-lbs. each.

    – Place the virtual tailgate on top of the pedestal’s platform. Align the pre-drilled holes of the pedestal with those of the virtual tailgate. See figure two below for further reference. Use the four 3/8″ bolts, washers, and lock-nuts to secure the virtual tailgate to the pedestal. Tighten and torque the four bolts to 23 ft-lbs. each.


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