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MAD-RAMPS Pivot Stops Installation Guide

March 14, 2019
By Chad Wall

MAD-RAMPS Pivot Stops are designed to assist low-ground clearance machines and MAD-RAMPS owners who want to load their machine all the way into the pickup. By attaching these black pivot cages to your standard MAD-RAMPS system, you’ll prevent the ramps from pivoting during the load and unload process. Follow these easy steps to attach or detach your MAD-RAMPS Pivot Stops.

*Your MAD-RAMPS Pivot Stops are interchangeable for both left and right sides

– Insert one Pivot Stop into the front end of one Pivot Cage. The Pivot Stop’s fingers should be angled down toward the tailgate. Make sure the Pivot Stop has been inserted into the Pivot Cage as far as possible.

– Repeat this process for the left (or right) side Pivot Stop. Once both Pivot Stops have been put into place, they will fill the gap between the end of the Pivot Cages and your truck’s tailgate.

– When you’re ready to remove the Pivot Stops after you’ve loaded your machine, you can easily pull them out of the end of each Pivot Cage. Safely stow them for your next use.

– To unload your machine, just reinsert the Pivot Stops into the Pivot Cages following steps one and two.


Shop MAD-RAMPS Pivot Stops for a safer load for your ATV/UTV

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