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MAD-RAMPS Snowmobile Kit

October 26, 2018
By Chad Wall

Forget about traditional ramps, sled decks, or hauling trailers this winter. Now you can use the MAD-RAMPS snowmobile kit to transport your snowmobile more safely all season long.


The MAD-RAMPS Kit provides a third central ramp and an adjustable pedestal for the snowmobile track. Rather than traditional ramps that slip and become dangerous, or hauling trailers that cause undue stress on your vehicle, the MAD-RAMPS snowmobile kit easily attaches to your Pivoting Ramp System.

Snowmobile Kit Features

  • Outer ramps on your kit feature custom plastic inserts to prevent damage to the skis
  • The adjustable pedestal and center ramp protects your tailgate from damage by allowing the track to pull the sled into your truck bed while offloading some of the snowmobile’s weight from the tailgate.
  • The MAD-RAMPS snowmobile kit is better at keeping your snowmobile protected from branches and debris. Rather than a sled deck or uncovered trailer where your snowmobile is exposed and vulnerable to debris, with MAD-RAMPS, your snowmobile sits protected in the truck bed behind the cab.
  • Polycarbonate spacers help you set the ramp width to the snowmobile stance needed for your equipment.
  • Easily convert your kit to haul an ATV or UTV in minutes.

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