MAD-RAMPS Ramp Extension Installation Guide

MAD-RAMPS Ramp Extensions for the Pivoting Ramp System are an essential accessory for trucks that have receiver hitch heights greater than 24 inches from the ground. Our Ramp Extensions reduce the incline angle of the ramps for safer and easier loading and unloading of your ATV or UTV. Follow the MAD-RAMPS Ramp Extension Installation Guide for proper installation and use of your MAD-RAMPS accessories.

MAD-RAMPS Ramp Extensions

Step One (Attachment)
*Extensions are interchangeable and not left or right side specific.

Slide one extension onto the end of one aluminum ramp. Insert the two retainer pins into the pre-drilled holes to secure the extension to the aluminum ramp (Figure 1).

Extension Fig 1
Figure 1

Repeat the process to attach the second extension and the ramp to the other side (Figure 2).

Extension figure 2
Figure 2

Step Two (Detachment)

Once you’ve loaded your machine into the back of your truck, simply pull the two retainer pins and remove the extension (Figures 3 & 4). Repeat the process again for the extension on the other side.

Extension fig 3
Figure 3
Extension fig 4
Figure 4

*Extensions must be detached and safely stored for transport. Put the retainer pins back into the extensions so they’re stowed and ready for future use.


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