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MAD-RAMPS Summer ATV Gear Guide

May 25, 2017
By Chad Wall

When it comes to taking your ATV out this summer under the blazing hot sun,  stay cool with some of the most breathable protective gear from our MAD-RAMPS summer ATV gear guide.

  • Did you know your feet are largely responsible for body temperature? Stocking up on moisture wicking socks will keep your feet dry and prevent you from overheating. These Fox MX Tech Socks should do the trick.


  • The higher the temps, the more air vents you’ll want on your helmet. For summer riding, choosing a well-ventilated and light helmet, like the EVS T7 GT with a RAM Air Cooling System, is best.


  • You think of adding extra layers when the temperature drops, not rises, right? Wrong. Adding a baselayer with  moisture wicking technology is key to keeping your body cool no matter what it’s like outside. This Fox First Layer Sleeveless Tech Tee can be worn on its own for ultimate coolness or as a baselayer.


  • Don’t forget hydration. Who wants to pull over for a water break when the big jump’s just ahead? Strap on an Evoc CC 6L Hydration Pack and keep moving.

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