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Top 5 Off-Road ATV Trails

March 31, 2017
By Chad Wall

Time to start planning your summer vacations – you’ll need plenty of time to hit some of the best off-road ATV trails across America. Just follow our top five for a little taste of what you can find in every state if you look hard enough.

Photo courtesy of Trails Heaven

1. Rubicon Trail in the Sierra Nevada, California

One of the most difficult trails in the nation, this 22 mile run offers elevations of 5,400 to 7,000 feet. Start in Georgetown and at the end of the trail find yourself in Tahoma, near Lake Tahoe. Take what you need, because you’ll find no services on this route filled with rock ledges and steep grades.

2. Rush, Kentucky 

For just $25 a day, Rush Off-Road is perfect for novices and experts alike. With 100 miles of trail spanning over 7,000 acres, you can bet on finding a way or two to test your ATV ability. Make a weekend trip out of it with friends and use one of Rush’s many primitive camping sites (with a permit, of course!), or rent out the trail house for you and 7 of your closest, thrill-seeking friends.

3. East Fort Rock, Oregon 

Traverse over 300 miles of well-marked and maintained trails in the natural beauty of Oregon. Most of the riding area is found in a volcanic basin, making for some of the most unique and rugged terrain. Get bored riding the trails? No problem. Drop into one of four different “play areas” with hill climbs, berms, jumps, and a number of other obstacles.

4. Imogene Pass, Ouray, Colorado

Have you ever taken a dip in the hot springs of the Switzerland of America? Piping spas are not all Ouray has to offer — take a day to weave your way through the trails of the San Juan Mountains. Test your skills with a difficult drive through the mountains to a 13,000 foot pass, then a rough and steep road to the Imogen Basin.

5. Hatfield-McCoy Trails, West Virginia 

Pack your bags and hit the road to West Virginia, where the Hatfield-McCoy trails are maintained for over 600 miles. Eight trails make up this Appalachian Mountain route that take you in and out of ATV friendly towns. One of the largest trail systems in the world, these heavenly trails can handle any skill level.

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