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Top 10 Harshest Ramp Fails

February 23, 2017
By Chad Wall

Don’t want to end up a viral YouTube video? There’s plenty of brutal ATV ramp fail vids out there, but we wanted to keep the commentary PG. Having your ATV flip on top of you is painful enough. Here’s a compilation of 10 of the harshest ramp fails out there. Our favorite starts at :57. 


MadRamps eliminates all the safety hazards of unstable ramps with its Pivoting Ramp System. Tackle whatever terrain you can imagine, reach the farthest stretches of hunting grounds, or check up on your farmland easier than ever before. MadRamps creates an effortless load and unload for your ATV and easily assembles in less than 20 minutes. Now you get get from point A to point B safer and easier, and get on to the fun faster.


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