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Top 5 Ways MAD-RAMPS Replace Traditional Trailers and Ramps

February 16, 2017
By Chad Wall

Say goodbye to the safety hazards and mishaps of traditional trailers and ramps, and make your life outdoors even easier with revolutionary MadRamps. 


  1. Save on gas. Whenever you attach a trailer to your pickup, your gas mileage changes. You’re losing power! The average pickup truck gets about 16 mpg, but when you’re carrying a trailer, that can drop as low as 8 mpg! When you’re planning your next ATV mud run trip, you might have to go far. Even if you take just two adventure trips a year, going say, 1,000 miles from your house, that’s 4,000 miles a year that you’re only getting 8 mpg from your otherwise reliable pickup. With a MadRamp, your gas mileage doesn’t change, and you get all the power from your pickup that you’re used to.
  2. Leave instability behind. Have you ever tried to load your ATV on your own? It’s a little harder than you might think. Traditional ramps move and and have to be readjusted every time you take them out of storage. You don’t have to try and gun it up the ramp, and there’s no manual handling with a MadRamp. Safety should always be a priority, even when you’re out having fun. MadRamps make sure your ATV gets loaded fast and you get home safely.
  3. Forget the paperwork. In many states, trailers require licensing, registration, and insurance. Your insurance company is usually hesitant to insure trailers, and if they will insure, you’ll pay an arm and a leg. You’re just trying to explore the great outdoors, and MadRamps lets you do that without all of the red tape. Your MadRamp doesn’t require a license or additional insurance. Just attach and get going, whenever you want.
  4. No terrain too difficult. Ever heard that expression, “the grass is always greener on the other side?” With MadRamps, all the grass is green. With a trailer or ramp, you might not be able to get through the toughest and most uneven terrain. And isn’t that where you have the most fun? MadRamps lets you explore wherever your truck can take you.
  5. Save space. Trying to store your trailer or traditional ramp can be a real pain. Your truck bed is already filled up with tools and supplies, so why try to shove your ramp in with all of your other equipment? With a trailer, you have to find a separate place to park when its not in use. MadRamp’s space saving design eliminates all of these issues. Even after you load your machine, MadRamp’s design helps you save plenty of space at the front of your truck bed for any gear you might want to bring along your next big trip.

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