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Top 5 Fastest Snowmobiles

November 19, 2021
By Chad Wall

Snowmobiles, whether driven professionally or recreationally, can be a lot of fun and provide great entertainment. Snowmobiling is a highly popular winter sport, and the industry is expanding. Each year, several manufacturers strive to enhance their snowmobiles in order to be the best on the market.

One of the factors that purchasers consider is the speed of the snowmobile since this factor is critical while riding through the winter terrain. If you are looking for the fastest snowmobile, keep reading for a list of the top 5 fastest snowmobiles. 

2021 Yamaha Sidewinder SRX LE

Top Speed: 105mph

The Yamaha Sidewinder SRX LE has a fuel capacity of 8.9 gallons (33.6 L) and is powered by a 4-Stroke 998 Genesis Turbo Engine, one of the reasons it is the world’s fastest production snowmobile. Each engine component, from the intake to the exhaust, is devoted to delivering unmatched performance. Additionally, it has a YSRC High-Performance Clutch System, which harnesses and transmits the Genesis Turbo’s enormous torque to the track.

Not only is the Yamaha Sidewinder SRX LE equipped with legendary speed, but it is also stylish. It is equipped with a Low Profile SRX 137 Suspension, which improves top speed performance while keeping the sled level in tight turns and giving the sled a sleeker overall appearance. Additionally, a Fox Zero iQS shock package, ARCS Front Suspension, and a redesigned single keel ski achieve a mix between lightweight steering effort and precise handling are included.

2021 Ski-Doo MXZ 600

Top Speed: 100mph

While not the fastest snowmobile available, the MXZ 600 has been one of Ski-most Doo’s dependable and durable models. It has been manufactured for years, with slight modifications each year. The MXZ 600 is an excellent leisure motorcycle because it provides an excellent balance of practicality, dependability, and speed for those who like faster versions.

All season long, the 2021 MXZ Sport’s dynamic handling and smile-inducing power offer spectacular winter experiences.

2021 Polaris Switchback Pro-S 800

Top Speed: 105mph

By positioning the rider properly on the sled, they were able to create a sled that turns flat without losing the excitement of lifting the front end over bumps or powder—increased precision in both on and off-trail maneuvering.

The Switchback PRO S’s flexibility is unmatched, thanks to its strong engines and class-leading power-to-weight ratios.

The AXYS platform’s design incorporates ergonomic controls, integrated storage, improved wind protection, an industry-first LED headlamp, and gauge packages.

2021 Ski-Doo Summit X 850 Turbo 175 With Expert Package

Top Speed: 118mph

No snowmobile has ever pushed the boundaries of what is possible in the mountains to the extent that this long, proud, and extremely powerful snowmobile has. For 2021, it has the industry’s first factory turbocharger on a two-stroke, reclaiming power usually lost when riders forge their own routes at higher altitudes. This results in a real 160+ horsepower to propel the vehicle over the sport’s longest course, which includes the tilting tMotion skid frame. 

Mountain-specific features such as the SHOT hot-start system, an easily adjusted limiter strap, a short tunnel, and a compact seat all contribute to the Expert Package’s value. This machine seems to be unstoppable in the proper hands.

2021 Arctic Cat ZR 9000 Thundercat 137 ARS

Top Speed: 120mph

The ZR 9000 Thundercat has challenged the Yamaha SRX LE’s claim to be the fastest snowmobile globally. Indeed, both devices are more similar than different. Both of the fastest snowmobiles are powered by Yamaha’s turbocharged 980cc, 200-horsepower engine. RIDEFOX’s Fox IQS Shocks are used in the front and rear shocks of the two snowmobiles. Nonetheless, the ZR Thundercat has additional components that distinguish it from its production counterpart. The American snowmobile brand Arctic Cat was established in 1960.

The ZR 9000 Thundercat ES is equipped with a C-TEC four-stroke engine with three turbocharged cylinders, an electronic fuel injection, a liquid cooling system, and a push-to-start button.

The ZR Thundercat’s – Arctic Cat drive system is unique in that it has both the Team Rapid Reaction Boss driven clutch and the Rapid Response II drive clutch. A covert hydraulic master cylinder activates its brakes. On the ZR Thundercat, Camso offers the same Ripsaw II track type. Additionally, buyers will have two color choices to choose from to complement their style.

Haul Your Snowmobile With Ease!

The MAD-RAMPS Snowmobile Kit is the industry’s fastest snowmobile ramp for loading and unloading into the bed of your truck. This MAD-RAMPS Pivoting Ramp System addition adds a third center ramp with an adjustable pedestal for the snowmobile track to the system. This ramp system is straightforward to install and use when loading and unloading your snowmobile. The system includes special plastic inserts for the outer ramps to prevent damage. Check out the truck bed guards we offer to preserve finish of your truck bed.

While loading the ramps allow the snowmobile skis to glide up the ramps easily. It is excellent for protecting snowmobile suspension. The center ramp can be easily removed for ATV and UTV use. This eliminates the need for two separate ramps. Visit our website today for more information on our MAD-RAMPS Snowmobile Kit

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