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Best Snowmobile Truck Ramp

October 12, 2021
By Chad Wall

Using your snowmobile to slice through the snow is an exhilarating and enjoyable winter activity that shouldn’t be diminished by the bother of loading and unloading your snowmobile. Snowmobile ramps are specially built (some more than others) to fit tracks and skis, making loading and unloading your snowmobile into a truck bed a simple and straightforward process. So what is the best snowmobile truck ramp?

Common Issues With Traditional Snowmobile Ramps

Difficult To Assemble and Time-Consuming

Traditionally constructed snowmobile ramps are huge and complex, sometimes requiring several large parts to be assembled. They are also difficult to put up on your own in a short period of time. The majority of conventional ramps are divided into two sections: one for the track and another for the skis. If they are not correctly aligned, you run the danger of slipping and falling, which may result in a painful and costly injury. When you are sure that you have the ramp in the proper position, it must be fastened to the truck using a ratchet strap or chain. Otherwise, the ramp may move during loading, resulting in another potentially dangerous scenario. Once you’ve managed to load your snowmobile, you’ll need to make sure there’s enough space in the truck bed to accommodate the long, hefty ramps, which will leave little to no room for any other equipment you may need to bring along with you.

Possible Injury

Trying to load your snowmobile using the incorrect kind of ramp may result in a disastrous outcome. When it comes to loading a snowmobile, the ramps you could use to load an ATV are neither adequate nor safe. If you try to load a snowmobile using a do-it-yourself method, there are many ways in which things may go wrong. Snowmobile riders have taken it upon themselves for years to attempt to carry the massive piece of equipment into the bed of a truck, resulting in bodily injury, or to construct unstable ramps, which can result in damage to either the truck or the snowmobile. 

How To Choose The Best Snowmobile Truck Ramp

Weight Of The Snowmobile

When in the market for snowmobile ramps, the first thing you should consider is the weight of your snowmobile. This is for your safety. Since snowmobiles are not all the same size, each will have a varied weight as well. In general, a bigger snowmobile will weigh more than a smaller snowmobile. Your ramp will be more stable as the weight of the snowmobile increases.

Despite the fact that a snowmobile weighs about 476 pounds on average, the ideal snowmobile loading ramp will be able to support several snowmobiles with sufficient strength and stability. However, you should avoid purchasing a snowmobile truck ramp on a whim or based on price alone. Before purchasing a snowmobile truck ramp, you should determine the exact weight of your snowmobile in order to ensure that you buy a design that is appropriate for your requirements.

Length and Width 

Not all snowmobiles have the same length and width, which is similar to the difference in weight. It is important to consider the length and width of your snowmobile since you want the ramp to be long enough to accommodate your vehicle while leaving a little extra room. A ramp that is adjustable is ideal so you can keep using it even if you get a new snowmobile. 


Your snowmobile ramp’s material will determine its quality since it will give it the strength to withstand the weight. Snowmobile ramp reviews may help you decide if a certain model is of high or low quality. You should always search for a top-rated, high-quality snowmobile loading ramp since it will be safer and simpler to use.

Get The Best Snowmobile Truck Ramp On The Market!

The MAD-RAMPS Snowmobile Kit is the quickest ramp on the market for quickly loading and unloading your snowmobile into the bed of your truck. This MAD-RAMPS Pivoting Ramp System add-on provides customers with a third center ramp with an adjustable pedestal for the snowmobile track. This ramp system is simple to set up and use while loading and unloading your snowmobile. The system includes custom plastic inserts for the outer ramps to avoid damage and enable the snowmobile skis to smoothly slide up the ramps, as well as bed protectors to shield your truck’s bed. Not only is it ideal for snowmobiles, but the central ramp can be quickly and simply removed for usage with ATVs and UTVs, eliminating the need for two separate ramps. Be prepared for this upcoming winter season, visit our website to order your snowmobile kit today!

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