Daniel Oram

Hi, Daniel Oram!

Newfoundland, Canada

My name is Daniel Oram, 23 Years old, I was always into power sports but never owned one myself till 2017. Riding and filming our adventures on ATV rides started out as a hobby but quickly turned into a passion. Every Chance we get to go on a run we take it. Rain or snow we try to be on the trails as much as possible.

Favorite place to “adventure”: It's hard to pick a favourite place to adventure, so many areas here in Newfoundland Canada will absolutely take your breath away.The views here are unlike anywhere else in the world. But a spot I would like to go for a run in is Saskatchewan Canada!

Preferred “toys to ride”: Hands down my number one toy to ride is my ATV, We once had a Yamaha Waverunner and with the right people that toy can be a blast.

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