Amanda Lynn Mayhew

Hi, Amanda Lynn Mayhew!

Ontario, Canada

Amanda Lynn’s background in power sports and off-road machines has likely given her a unique perspective and skill set that she brings to her work as an outdoorswoman and host of the Take Me Hunting Outreach Programs.

Having grown up riding and building machines, Amanda Lynn has a deep understanding of the mechanics and capabilities of these vehicles. This knowledge allows her to educate others on how to safely operate and maintain them, as well as how to incorporate them into hunting and other outdoor recreational activities.

Additionally, Amanda Lynn’s experience in power sports has honed her skills in navigation and handling, which can be valuable in the wilderness and off-road terrain. Her passion for these activities and her ability to share that passion with others make her an excellent spokesperson and advocate for the outdoors and power sports communities.

Producer of THAT Hunting Girl on Sportsman Channel

Creator of Just Hunt Inc.

Founder of Take Me Hunting Outreach Programs

Favorite place to “adventure”: Quebec.

Preferred “toys to ride”: CanAm Outlander, Ski-Doo MXZ.

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