Avery White

Hi, Avery White!

Omaha, Nebraska

My name is Avery White. I am a professional backcountry snowmobiler. After years of riding and a few posts on social media I have found a spot in the industry. I have ridden with the best of the best and love teaching any skill level. I have a lot of sponsors backing me this season and I am proud to say Mad-ramps is now one of them. I started riding at the age of two and I have been Polaris through and through. My dad has really started this addiction and I owe him everything. Although I am very snow focused I love anything with a motor including trucks. I live in Nebraska, but during the winter Wyoming is home. This year I plan to travel around and ride with as many people as I possibly can.

Favorite place to “adventure”: The Wyoming Backcountry

Preferred “toys to ride”: 2022 Polaris Pro-RMK Matryx Patriot Boost 163 Lightweight Mod and 2016 Pro-RMK 800 Short Tunnel

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